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1 Seosoftware 7-day free trial $49 - Special promo Best Small Business software reviewvisitsite
2 Raven SEO software 30-day free trial $19 - Special promo Best Agency Software reviewvisitsite
3 Searchmetrics SEO Software 30-day free trial $399 Best Enterprise Software reviewvisitsite
4 webceo pro Free basic version $199 Best downloadable software reviewvisitsite
5 Ibusinesspromoter Free trial $249 Best link building tool reviewvisitsite
6 semrush 7-day Moneyback $49 Best Keyword Research reviewvisitsite
7 Seo Spyglass - $99.75 Best downloadable BL checker reviewvisitsite
8 Seomoz 30-day Moneyback $79 Best link research reviewvisitsite
9 Seobook - $300 Best tool package reviewvisitsite
10 Authoritylabs 30-day Moneyback $24 Best position tracking tool reviewvisitsite

It’s always the same story. You think of turning a profit by creating a website for your company or by opening an online shop. Soon after you will realize that your efforts do not yield any results. Nobody visits your site because nobody knows it exists. There is a lot of competition out there for people’s attention, especially on the internet. So eventually you will come across the terms “search engine optimization” (SEO) and “link building”. And this is when you will be faced with numerous SEO tools which all promise to take your website or online shop to the top positions in search engines.

But Can You Trust These Tools?
First of all, anyone who claims to be able to get your website to #1 in Google & Co. simply by making use of their tool should not be trusted. Rather you should take a look at those service providers who offer to help you in making your online marketing and SEO processes more efficient and thus less time-consuming. The most remarkable tool in this regard is “a little engine that could” called linkbird. It offers a highly flexible software solution for managing your entire SEO linkbuilding, online PR and content marketing.

Check out a short video on linkbird here first:

Research Link Building and Content Seeding Sources
As you probably know, a crucial factor in content marketing is reach and it is therefore important to find influencers, multipliers and other relevant websites for spreading your content across the web.

The linkbird Sitehunter is a powerful tool in this regard:
It combines features like Google Suggest, Google Search, XOVI and other standard metrics
It shows you social website metrics with customizable filter options
It offers you an integrated CRM

Thus the Sitehunter can be used as a synonym for an automated and efficient website research process delivering valuable potential link sources for effective content seeding.

Never Lose a Backlink
When doing link building to boost the visibility of your website on the internet, however, you will soon come across webmasters that have the bad habit of agreeing to give you a backlink that they then will deactivate short after publishing.

In order to identify such wasted link potentials, the linkbird backlink checker will help you to:
validate all captured links automatically on a daily basis
immediately see your link status without any further manual efforts
send you a report whenever a backlink goes offline

Monitor your Brand and your Keywords
But it’s not only important to know about your link status, but also about your brand status. Brand monitoring is an indispensible part of any online marketing strategy. You need to be aware of your mentions in order to be able to react upon them and proactively build your brand.

The linkbird Alerts help here
to keep you up-to-date
to keep your company ahead of your competition
to choose the rights keywords to be monitored for your campaigns
to get your own or your competitor mentions delivered straight to your screen on a daily, weekly or monthly basis

Manage Your Contacts
After successfully managing your links and brand mentions, you should focus on building a CRM for future content seeding campaigns and newsletter campaigns.

The integrated linkbird database of partners and their networks allows you to
archive and foster your contacts
engage with them directly through the tool
track your communication history with them
to make conversations transparent and personal to everybody in your team

Finally, a clear and highly diagnostic reporting is key to being able to optimize processes and tap into unused potentials.

The linkbird Reporting feature offers
automatically created data sheets
illuminating graphic displays full of various SEO insights of interest
automatic PDF reports sent via e-mail to supervisors, customers and yourself

Overall, linkbird is a great All-In-One solution for your online marketing. It offers all the features necessary for smooth and time-saving workflows, efficient link building, successful content seeding as well as effective monitoring. It can be tricky at first to understand the purpose of some features, while others seem perfunctory in the beginning. But if applied correctly, this remarkable package will definitely make you fly high. Can’t wait to test the forthcoming content marketing update that’s in the making right now!

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Brightedge just announced a new feature on SEL: The Brightedge Data Cube:

While the video is really beautiful,  we are a little bit confused by the way Brightedge throws numbers out there. “Billions of content pieces”,  “100s of terrabytes”, “big data” and “6 years in the making” sound like a pretty strong value add, but  when it comes to showing samples it is not really clear what this means (we even stopped the video and saw for the data cube kicked back “Le Bron James” and a few other expected keywords).

Pulling out keywords at scale is something we’d rely on SEMRush, Wordtracker, Ubersuggest and a few other SEO products. The lifetime of (viral) content is getting shorter and shorter, so what is the magic, that is coming out of that box? Anyone? Brightedge folks?

We really hope that  Brightedge developed a valuable feature, which can help the SEO industry compete in the always changing SEO world.

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Lately we haven’t been posting too much here at, but we are back with a bunch of exclusive news from a few shows, that we’ve attended:

1. Local SEO

Already a few months back, but Moz launched a local product to compete in the fast-growing SMB market. In a previous post, we’ve suspected to see Moz move in the SEO enterprise market, but this didn’t  seem to really happen. Their tools a great, but a lot of folks don’t think that they are exceptional, meaning other tools couldn’t provide a certain task or data in a similar way. Moz local looks solid and will compete with Yext, Placable and a bunch of other local submission services, which we’ll cover soon.

2. Link removal tools

With Google’s outings of link networks and the massive amount of email warnings to webmasters  a completely new industry has been created.

We are not going to comment on the necessity of these emails, but it is obvious to us that Google wants webmasters to remove links at all costs. At a recent show we’ve attended some Google folks told us some numbers about the amount of reconsideration requests which are being in the 10000s per month! We’ve also spoke with a bunch of our SEO friends in the industry and it is also obvious that most larger websites got hit with a manual action whether they actively engaged in link building or not.,  Removeem, Linkresearchtools are the big players just focusing on that part. Also Sistrix SEO tool announced a Linkrating tool to help their clients to rank better.

3. International tools and features

We’ve seen more and more tools move into the onpage business: seems to be one of the strongest candidates to have a big impact on the industry, but also Botify, Deepcrawl and a bunch of others try their luck capturing market share. Lately we’ve also seen an enterprise tools roll out some amazing onpage features, which should help to understand the technical onpage side better.

Looking back at the past few months, we can say that the SEO tools industry stays innovative and agile in order to combat the constant changes, that the industry faces. More sophisticated tools means more specialists are needed to run them, but also an end of the small SEO shops.





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While the SEO agency industry is always in turmoil, the SEO enterprise software industry keeps making big news. Brightedge, which belongs to  the exclusive top 3 SEO enterprise software vendors, has done a great job getting larger clients and agencies onboard. With securing a round of $42.8 million they are becoming a strong competitor in the space, clearly aiming to be the No.1 SEO software vendor out there.

The official press release mentions a bunch of buzz words, but we have different thoughts behind the successful round of investment:

1. Brightedge might take over other “task management” related software companies. SEO reporting is cool and fun, but for users to utilize a tool  with a long-term commitment a software needs to engage users. A Salesforce wouldn’t be there where it is if people just pulled numbers out of it.

2. SEO and PR are merging and the PR industry desperately needs a tool.
It’s tougher and tougher for the SEO industry to proof results. Especially for SMBs the ROI is just not there anymore and companies are better off utilizing great tools such as Upcity (former DYISEO). With the industry experts preaching content marketing as the new holy grail a lot of budget will move into that direction.

Meanwhile the PR industry is in trouble, b/c PR pitches without a good story, just don’t turn out the same way they used to turn out. In fact… most larger publications stopped linking out and mentions/citations in newspapers sound great, but the ROI, which everyone is looking for, is tough to track. Brightedge might try to fill the gap.

3.  A  consolidation of medium to small SEO tools is clearly happening.  The market is flooded with new tools every day and the money being made in this space is just not enough, so vendors might want to cash out. Brightedge might use to take over another SEO tool in the space.

4. Another reason for this high investment might be a fight with MOZ. The MOZ guys are the thought leaders in the space. They have a huge followership, but they don’t have enterprise-worthy products. The enterprise market is still in the hands of the big 3 (Brightedge, Conductor and Searchmetrics) and  MOZ going into this space might cause some headaches. The money secured will certainly help defend that.

5. Brightedge might use the money to invest further into technology. Brightedge is based in Cali, so the money could be used to higher top dev talent and build something larger than what they currently have. There are tons of  great directions a SEO enterprise software could go,  but we are not going to share that here.

6. International expansion.Not sure if this really makes sense, but with countries around the world going online, this could be an option. Fortune 500 are working globally and with the marketing departments often being based out of the US this could make sense.

Anyways…all of this is speculation, so, please don’t take us too serious. Do you have any other thoughts? Contact us!

[Updated April 1 2014 – grammar/typos corrected]

[Original post June 16th 2013 – saved in archive]


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RankAbove is an SEO platform with a proprietary indexing method that provides accurate measurements of a website’s SEO performance.


RankAbove is a platform for search engine optimization (SEO), and its versatile methods apply to Google but also every other relevant search engine. The first goal of RankAbove is to measure how the website is performing in terms of these search engines. After identifying where the shortcomings are, the next objective is to improve that performance. The focus of this improvement is on keywords and keyword phrases, but the RankAbove system also takes into account other parameters that can have either a positive or a negative effect on SEO performance, such as metadata, backlinks and empty pages.

The Good

Most of the best SEO platforms are not user-friendly, and many of the platforms that seem user-friendly are rather ineffective upon close inspection. RankAbove is different and does a superb job of balancing the power and sophistication of the system with user-friendliness. The information provided, however, is not dumbed down; it is simply presented in a layered approach that makes it more readily digestible to the webmaster who is still new to advanced SEO. The platform is very customizable as well, and the advanced user can configure the tools and the data in whatever manner works best for them.

The Bad

We couldn’t even find much that is bad. Rankabove integrates with Adobe Sitecatalyst and Google Analytics, so not really anything to copmlaint about.

Review and Rating

4/5 Stars

RankAbove is a powerful system that requires some tweaking in order to maximize its benefits. The good news is that it uses a layered approach that is newbie-friendly, and it definitely is a platform that will grow with the webmaster as he or she gains experience and skills. The proprietary nature of RankAbove can be hindrance at times. Experienced webmaster will have certain expectations about usability that will not be met, but those can be overcome. Additionally, due to a lack of integration support, the use of RankAbove may cause the webmaster to have to make some hard choices.

Due to those drawbacks, we only gave RankAbove four stars. If those issues don’t affect you, however, then RankAbove is a five-star SEO platform. The basic kit lets you optimize 1,000 URLs, and it lets you track the performance of 250 keywords or key phrases. In addition, keyword research is included. Most platforms hang you out to dry in that regard, but RankAbove puts real effort into determining your optimal keywords and strategies. The system also provides you with in-depth competitive analysis, including on- and off-page reports. Furthermore, if your site is a start-up or non-profit, then RankAbove offers that basic package at a significantly reduced rate.

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ZoomrankZoomRank is a sophisticated Web-based tool that allows users to monitor their online presence automatically in both organic rankings and local metrics.


A significant challenge in nurturing an online presence is reacting to changes in a timely manner. In the past, changes could go unnoticed for a substantial length of time. Enter solutions like ZoomRank, which give you the power to monitor changes automatically and in real time. Automation is an important conceit in SEO analytics and means that the system will push notifications to the user.

ZoomRank is an entirely virtualized solution. There is never any software to download, and any configuration changes are available to the user regardless of where they log in from. Users can receive notifications to their smartphone or similar device, and they have access to the system from anywhere where there is Internet connectivity, which is particularly powerful for small firms.

The Good

ZoomRank allows the user granular control of the keywords and phrases that the system monitors based on. The system provides automatic daily rankings with an emphasis on Google, Bing and Yahoo. It also provides reliable, accurate rankings for Google Organic, local SERP, local metrics and so forth. The system also features a powerful and highly configurable analytics dashboard.

ZoomRank also provides you with an integrated view of the data, which is an illuminating way to visualize the synergy between seemingly disparate components of SEO. There is, for instance, an emerging correlation between Google Places rank and organic/SERP, and the ZoomRank system can visually demonstrate how the Google Places position is affecting those other aspects.

The Bad

The overall benefit ZoomRank has for a particular Web presence is tied directly to the keywords keyed on. ZoomRank does not integrate a mechanism for determining what those items are. It would be nice to import keywords from other tool. Otherwise nothing really bad about the tool.

Review and Rating

ZoomRank is a powerful and versatile SEO analytics and monitoring tool. It is not, however, hands-off, and it does require a certain level of expertise to get the most out of. For the novice webmaster getting their feet wet in the SEO pool, ZoomRank will likely fall short unless paired with another tool or service that can identify the terms that the website should key on. For intermediate and advanced users, ZoomRank is a powerful and perhaps even necessary tool that stands apart in a crowded segment due to its direct, no-nonsense approach and the granular level of control it provides: 4 out 5 stars.

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So somehow we completely missed the boat on, but finally are ready to write a post about these guys. Like Authoritylabs is clearly targeting the same crowd.

Before we are going in details, feel free to watch the video below.

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