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It’s always the same story. You think of turning a profit by creating a website for your company or by opening an online shop. Soon after you will realize that your efforts do not yield any results. Nobody visits your site because nobody knows it exists. There is a lot of competition out there for people’s attention, especially on the internet. So eventually you will come across the terms “search engine optimization” (SEO) and “link building”. And this is when you will be faced with numerous SEO tools which all promise to take your website or online shop to the top positions in search engines.

But Can You Trust These Tools?
First of all, anyone who claims to be able to get your website to #1 in Google & Co. simply by making use of their tool should not be trusted. Rather you should take a look at those service providers who offer to help you in making your online marketing and SEO processes more efficient and thus less time-consuming. The most remarkable tool in this regard is “a little engine that could” called linkbird. It offers a highly flexible software solution for managing your entire SEO linkbuilding, online PR and content marketing.

Check out a short video on linkbird here first:

Research Link Building and Content Seeding Sources
As you probably know, a crucial factor in content marketing is reach and it is therefore important to find influencers, multipliers and other relevant websites for spreading your content across the web.

The linkbird Sitehunter is a powerful tool in this regard:
It combines features like Google Suggest, Google Search, XOVI and other standard metrics
It shows you social website metrics with customizable filter options
It offers you an integrated CRM

Thus the Sitehunter can be used as a synonym for an automated and efficient website research process delivering valuable potential link sources for effective content seeding.

Never Lose a Backlink
When doing link building to boost the visibility of your website on the internet, however, you will soon come across webmasters that have the bad habit of agreeing to give you a backlink that they then will deactivate short after publishing.

In order to identify such wasted link potentials, the linkbird backlink checker will help you to:
validate all captured links automatically on a daily basis
immediately see your link status without any further manual efforts
send you a report whenever a backlink goes offline

Monitor your Brand and your Keywords
But it’s not only important to know about your link status, but also about your brand status. Brand monitoring is an indispensible part of any online marketing strategy. You need to be aware of your mentions in order to be able to react upon them and proactively build your brand.

The linkbird Alerts help here
to keep you up-to-date
to keep your company ahead of your competition
to choose the rights keywords to be monitored for your campaigns
to get your own or your competitor mentions delivered straight to your screen on a daily, weekly or monthly basis

Manage Your Contacts
After successfully managing your links and brand mentions, you should focus on building a CRM for future content seeding campaigns and newsletter campaigns.

The integrated linkbird database of partners and their networks allows you to
archive and foster your contacts
engage with them directly through the tool
track your communication history with them
to make conversations transparent and personal to everybody in your team

Finally, a clear and highly diagnostic reporting is key to being able to optimize processes and tap into unused potentials.

The linkbird Reporting feature offers
automatically created data sheets
illuminating graphic displays full of various SEO insights of interest
automatic PDF reports sent via e-mail to supervisors, customers and yourself

Overall, linkbird is a great All-In-One solution for your online marketing. It offers all the features necessary for smooth and time-saving workflows, efficient link building, successful content seeding as well as effective monitoring. It can be tricky at first to understand the purpose of some features, while others seem perfunctory in the beginning. But if applied correctly, this remarkable package will definitely make you fly high. Can’t wait to test the forthcoming content marketing update that’s in the making right now!

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If you run a website, then chances are almost certain you’ve been concerned about the quantity of traffic to your site at some point or another. If you’ve kept track of the number of visitors to your site on any given day, you also know that the traffic comes in like periodic waves; at times the traffic is plentiful, and at other times you get next to no visits at all. This can be a very curious thing and can drive many website owners to grey hairs trying to figure out why this happens. This is where a program like Ahrefs comes into play.

Ahrefs is an essential tool for any webmaster interested in traffic research, analysis and management. It uses its own bot and its own index, which they state is based on information from hundreds of billions (with a ‘”b”) website connections. The index is also updated every thirty minutes and has a ranking database of millions of keywords from about nine different countries. The basic user tools include:

• Site Explorer
• Reports
• SERPs analysis
• Labs/Tools

Most webmasters know that the goal is to get new and frequent visitors coming to the site from other websites like Google, Yahoo, blogs and so on. Every time a new visitor comes from a different website, the process is called a backlink, and this includes search engines. Being able to track your backlinks is one of the most important ways to tell precisely where your traffic is coming from.

Say you frequently link blog articles to Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon and Reddit. You’re getting 2,000 page views in an hour. Ahrefs gives you a full analysis of where these hits are coming from. Now say Ahrefs tells you you’re getting 1,000 hits from Facebook, 500 from Twitter, 500 from StumbleUpon and none from Reddit. You can spend less time on Reddit and more time on the others where the majority of hits are coming from.

Backlinks is just the tip of the iceberg with Ahrefs. One of the main features of Ahref is its Site Explorer, where you have the option of choosing a specific URL, the domain with all subdomains or the domain with no subdomains. The interface provides interesting and vital stats, such as the total number of backlinks (including the type: text, image, redirects, etc.), unique domains and distinct referring IPs and subnets. Aside from the overview analysis, you’re provided with a slew of other research options to choose from, including:

• Newly discovered links from the previous month to the current month.
• Lost or dropped links.
• Anchor text report of external links.
• Crawled pages (Page URL and Title, Crawl Date, Page Size, etc.).
• Referring domains and subnet links from each domain.
• SERP information and positioning in multiple countries.
• Raw export of the data (based on the pricing plan).

Though Ahrefs is one of the most powerful tools a webmaster can have, there are some downsides. There are no special, so it isn’t mobile and has to run on a PC. It has to be constantly updated and it occasionally crashes and can potentially lose data (though this might depend on the resources of the PC and the internet connection itself). You access the application from its own server, so you don’t need local software installations, but this does take away some of the control that many users would prefer.

But there’s no reason to doubt its comprehensiveness. The server is quite fast, which makes the exportability of the data and the filtering capabilities very smooth for the most part. The tool does just what you expect it to do and is very easy to use, which requires very little entry-level experience. Ahrefs is highly recommended and a must-have for those who are into link research. From a scale of one to ten, it gets a solid eight.

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After Yahoo Siteexplorers shutdown, several vendors keep pushing out new backlinks data products. Searchmetrics (our winner for best enterprise SEO software) announced their Backlinks Link Module.

The following features are included:

– Number of Backlinks
– Ratio analysis of Image Links vs. Textlinks
– Identification of IP addresses, TLD (Top Level Domain), geolocation information for links
– …

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SEMRush just released two new great features, which make it even more valuable: A backlink tool (domain level backlinks) and even better..the Organic Top 200 report, which is a unique feature that no other tool currently offers.

Once more SEMRUSH is leading the pack with innovation and speed:








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So we just got the news that SEMRUSH is also getting into the Backlink data game. This comes quite to a surprise since SEMRUSH used to do only a little part of the SEO game, but they do it very very well and their user base of 230.000 users clearly shows that.

Anyways…we look forward to seeing several vendors such as Searchmetrics, Sistrix and others go in the back link data game. It’s going to get crowded, which will be great for all the users, who had to suffer quite a bit after Yahoo pulled the plug:

“We have a brand-new Backlinks feature that’s currently in beta. Quite a lot of people have been looking for a backlinks feature in recent weeks, so we’re quite proud to be rolling one out! Although it’s still in beta testing stages at the moment, once we roll it out – it will be rock solid and dead accurate!”

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