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Brightedge just announced a new feature on SEL: The Brightedge Data Cube:

While the video is really beautiful,  we are a little bit confused by the way Brightedge throws numbers out there. “Billions of content pieces”,  “100s of terrabytes”, “big data” and “6 years in the making” sound like a pretty strong value add, but  when it comes to showing samples it is not really clear what this means (we even stopped the video and saw for the data cube kicked back “Le Bron James” and a few other expected keywords).

Pulling out keywords at scale is something we’d rely on SEMRush, Wordtracker, Ubersuggest and a few other SEO products. The lifetime of (viral) content is getting shorter and shorter, so what is the magic, that is coming out of that box? Anyone? Brightedge folks?

We really hope that  Brightedge developed a valuable feature, which can help the SEO industry compete in the always changing SEO world.

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While the SEO agency industry is always in turmoil, the SEO enterprise software industry keeps making big news. Brightedge, which belongs to  the exclusive top 3 SEO enterprise software vendors, has done a great job getting larger clients and agencies onboard. With securing a round of $42.8 million they are becoming a strong competitor in the space, clearly aiming to be the No.1 SEO software vendor out there.

The official press release mentions a bunch of buzz words, but we have different thoughts behind the successful round of investment:

1. Brightedge might take over other “task management” related software companies. SEO reporting is cool and fun, but for users to utilize a tool  with a long-term commitment a software needs to engage users. A Salesforce wouldn’t be there where it is if people just pulled numbers out of it.

2. SEO and PR are merging and the PR industry desperately needs a tool.
It’s tougher and tougher for the SEO industry to proof results. Especially for SMBs the ROI is just not there anymore and companies are better off utilizing great tools such as Upcity (former DYISEO). With the industry experts preaching content marketing as the new holy grail a lot of budget will move into that direction.

Meanwhile the PR industry is in trouble, b/c PR pitches without a good story, just don’t turn out the same way they used to turn out. In fact… most larger publications stopped linking out and mentions/citations in newspapers sound great, but the ROI, which everyone is looking for, is tough to track. Brightedge might try to fill the gap.

3.  A  consolidation of medium to small SEO tools is clearly happening.  The market is flooded with new tools every day and the money being made in this space is just not enough, so vendors might want to cash out. Brightedge might use to take over another SEO tool in the space.

4. Another reason for this high investment might be a fight with MOZ. The MOZ guys are the thought leaders in the space. They have a huge followership, but they don’t have enterprise-worthy products. The enterprise market is still in the hands of the big 3 (Brightedge, Conductor and Searchmetrics) and  MOZ going into this space might cause some headaches. The money secured will certainly help defend that.

5. Brightedge might use the money to invest further into technology. Brightedge is based in Cali, so the money could be used to higher top dev talent and build something larger than what they currently have. There are tons of  great directions a SEO enterprise software could go,  but we are not going to share that here.

6. International expansion.Not sure if this really makes sense, but with countries around the world going online, this could be an option. Fortune 500 are working globally and with the marketing departments often being based out of the US this could make sense.

Anyways…all of this is speculation, so, please don’t take us too serious. Do you have any other thoughts? Contact us!

[Updated April 1 2014 – grammar/typos corrected]

[Original post June 16th 2013 – saved in archive]


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Searchmetrics logo

Searchmetrics is certainly one of the best enterprise seo software solutions, but their pricing model was always confusing. It was never really clear how to differentiate the Searchmetrics Essentials product vs. the Searchmetrics Suite.

Well..that is a problem of the past: Searchmetrics announced a new pricing model and a clear differentiator:

Searchmetrics essential is “just” for research, meaning you can pull visibility data, social scoring, overall rankings and so on.

The Searchmetrics suite on the other side is the enterprise model where you add your projects and analyze it over time.


We like both products and love how they now have consistant pricing.

Another news from their end is the API, which seems to be a powerful weapon after Panda and Penguin.Especially link builders now have the opportunity to run their link building efforts against the Searchmetrics score. A low score could indicate that the domain has a penalty or just doesn’t show up in the search rankings.

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 9.28.22 PM


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Category : Enterprise Seo Software | Blog

We’ve looked at Brightedge a while ago, but got back to it and saw some nice improvements and features, which we haven’t seen in other enterprise SEO software tools:

1. Customizable dashboard – Overall SEO health

Brightedge dashboard

The dashboard of Brightedge is completely flexible and allows different reports  to business functions e.g. executive report vs. SEO analyst report.

Events tracking shows specific events, that have been implemented to a project. Competitor analysis and history data.

Another nice feature is dashoard scheduling in a report. This allows quick email reporting to clients or internal stakeholders.

2. Keywords tracking

The keyword tab also shows some powerful data: Page 1-3 Stacked report, average keyword rank, Keywords Rank page 1 & 2, Universal Search Results, Liks & Shares and Rank Report, Tweets and Rank report, Twitter Keyword Volume report,  +1 and Rank report.

What is also interesting is the keyword group reporting where you can track history of the group and compare for example this week vs. last week.  On top filtering is easily possible.

3. Backlinks tracking

It seems that the backlinks tracking is mostly powered by Majestic SEO and Google. Nothing specific to mention here.

4. Coverage Performance report

Total number of indexed pages, indexed pages compared to competitors (also over time and trended),

 5. Actionable Keyword Recommendations

Top 25 keywords to focus on, Social strategies, onpage strategies and offpage linking recommendations. Also great is the capability to assign these tasks to people within the system.

6. Actionable Page recommendations

This is a page manager, which helps where the onpage opportunities are. Again here the top 25 searches to focus on, which shows you pages, which have the best opportunity to gain traffic. Great feature is also the keyword prioritizer. This allows a user to prioritize the keywords to focus on. Again here the page manager allows to assign tasks to different stakeholders.

Also recommendations can be compared to the top 10 results in Google, meaning if your Title tag is off you can get some ideas from the top pages ranking for that term.

The linkbuilding recommendations looked also like a good idea, but not sure if it is worth the effort to use a tool, which bases BL on third party vendors.

Compare your social signals to top 10 ranks is also an amazing feature.

7. Social Signals recommendation engine

Comparing the likes on a specific page of your project vs. the median of the top 10 ranking pages seems to be a great idea and we really like the feature since it its something no other SEO platform has been focusing on.

What’s also great is that the user of Brightedge can assign social signals tasks to the social team of a company and then produce direct results.

8. The facebook fan page setup is also very slick and allows a full analysis of FB fan page stuff.

9. Tasks and Workflow

Personally I think this is the killer feature of Brightedge. It allows the user to assign tasks per keyword, group of keywords, per page or entire site. Collaboration is something no other enterprise solution takes care of. Especially not in a smart way.

Brightedge workflow

10. SEO performance manager

This part looked like SEMRUSH data of organic rankings per domain, but I haven’t verified it. Even if it is third party data  this is pretty interesting since this allows users to add keywords to their tracking and analysis it right in the system. Overall I prefer having a good tool integrating good data from other vendors than wasting time building everything in house (same for backlinks data!).

Top organic pages of competitors is another great idea, which is nice. This way you can piggyback on your competitors success by also going after their backlinks or just copying their onpage strategy.

11. The SEO X-ray competitive analysis pretty much gives you some visibility scoring for your domain. Definitely interesting approach, but hard to read in my case.

12. Keyword Discovery

I’ve been looking all of the keyword discovery tools and I am never happy abou tit. I think Brightedge has a good approach to it

13. Share of Voice report

First I thought that we are getting into social media monitoring and sentiment analysis, which is something most tools missed out over the years. However this is different: The Brighedge share of voice report takes the keyword groups and monitors them against competiton and tells the user, who took the lion share of search traffic. What’s also great it shows how the competitors pages drill down, the backlinks and the onpage differences to your own project



To summarize it I’ve got a completely different opinion about Brightedge than I had before. It’s a powerful tool with a lot of collaboration tools plugged in. Waht always bothered me with most tools is the fact that they are used solely for reporting purposes and less for actually getting the job done. With my first testing projects this has changed and I see their unique approach in the enterprise space very refreshing. I also give them the kudos for integrating third party vendords data rather than re-inventing the wheel in a bad way.




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Sistrix SEO software can be used in many ways, but for our readers the SEO module is the most important part. The SEO module is designed to assist you in analyzing and choosing the right keywords for your online business as well as give you a nice overview about the visibility of a website. SEO can be used to increase your rankings in major search engines. Both large and small businesses can benefit from using Sistrix to increase their visibility and draw in customers online.

The Benefits of Using Sistrix

Sixtrix SEO software is fast, efficient and user friendly. One of the most important aspects of choosing software for your business is being able to actually use the software to achieve results. Sistrix is designed to allow you to choose which features you want to use, which eliminates all of the extra features that could just get in the way of a successful SEO campaign.

The ability to choose features can also be helpful when you are working on your SEO campaign on a strict budget. The pricing for the features available ranges from 100 Euros (=~$120) per month and up, although you do get a discount after purchasing more than one module, or feature, offered.

One of the greatest advantages is also the speed of the tool. Unlike other tools data and metrics can be pulled within seconds and therefore offer a great advantatge over the big enterprise tools.

Lastly the solid API allows third parties to pull in the top data across several countries.

The Downside

Sixtrix SEO software can be a little intimidating for anyone who isn’t familiar with SEO keywords and principles. You can begin by researching search engine optimization and how it is used to be sure that you can use the software effectively. The cost of Sixtrix can also be an important feature that may dissuade small or new businesses from investing in the software. In comparison to other tools this tool is however a steal!

Review and Rating

In general, Sistrix SEO software offers online businesses a simple way to learn about and develop their keywords and SEO campaign. The features offered include analyzation, monitoring, optimization and documenting the various aspects of SEO for any business. If you have been struggling with success in your search engine optimization campaign, this tool can easily assist you in reaching your goals.

The rating for Sistrix SEO software is very high among consumers and the reputation (esp. after the farmer update) could not be better. The software is often used by  major companies and agencies, and is often cited as a source of information among SEO professionals online. The cost of Sistrix can be recouped by proper use, which can result in more customers and more profits.

We give this tool two thumbs up since it includes top data to an affordable prices. Sign up for a demo here.

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The Conductor SEO platform is one of those tools that is not really known in the space. The creators are super secret about what they are doing and who is actually allowed to have a look at it. Also the pricing scheme is something that is always hidden and not really public (we totally understand that!). However, we finally got a demo through a contact of ours and we are split between the decision if it is really as good as their marketing is.

On the one side it is clear that it’s well designed and any CMO would love to buy into it. Obviously Conductor is copying the Omniture concept and trying to become “the” SEO enterprise solution in the space.  On the other side it is interesting to us what exactly Conductor is.

Data: Conductor pulls in data from SEOMOZ, Spyfu, Adwords and a bunch of other services. As far as we understood Conductor, unlike Searchmetrics and others, is not crawling the web and therefore relies on these third party services. Tracking however, a relative simple task, is done by Conductor.

A few good features we’ve noticed are the keyword seasonality tool and keywords pairing….which could be quite useful.  Also positive is the integration with Adobe’s Omniture, which could lead to getting a better picture about SEO ROI. The name “SEO cloud” however is quite a bit cheesy. Online marketers will fall for that, but the integration with Omniture AND Google Analytics is nothing new (again Searchmetrics is offering that).

Overall the software is far from being bad. It’s quite a good SEO tool for people, who like to have pretty interfaces and are not capable of utilizing different tools together. Enterprises will probably also enjoy the usability of this tool. We’ll be curious to see where this tool will be in a few years and hope that they are going to show this more publicly.

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Category : Enterprise Seo Software | Blog

SEO projects are not only tedious, time consuming and require much patience, but all your efforts and time will usually remain in the dark. In order to determine the success or failure of any task we take on, the results for must be measurable.

Results measurability has always been a “gray” area in the world of SEO. A brand new and exciting product called Brightedge SEO Software will turn on the lights at the end of the SEO tunnel! This little wonder can pull raw data from all over the place and may put you on a reporting frenzy! Anything from page rankings, backlinks, keyword performance and ROI to name a few, all combined from the top search engines and many other sources.

Brightedge is an enterprise-class SEO solution that can not only measure results, but also recommend actual improvements and variations to your websites; boosting quality traffic and revenues in the process. Using Brightedge, online marketing gurus will finally be able to:

* Prioritize SEO projects based on forecasted ROI. Spend more time on what works and leave wasted efforts behind.
* Find new SEO opportunities to drive more traffic and ultimately: sales!
* Coordinate SEO strategies across the entire corporate structure.

Some of Brightedge’s key features include:

* Integrated business metrics
* Comprehensive SEO reports
* Competitive analysis
* Actionable recommendations
* Long tail strategies

The only bad thing I can say about this product is that it does not do the actual SEO work. I am still waiting for the magic “run SEO now” button that will execute all my SEO strategies. Until then, Brightedge will be your best friend in this tough but necessary job.

Brightedge uses patent-pending technology designed for scalability and performance. It is cloud based and can scale up to just about any size to accommodate your needs. High performance, scalable, yet polite crawlers will keep current tabs on all your websites in real time. Equipped with large scale analytics, it can quickly summarize data on millions or even billions of keywords, pages and backlinks. Rest assured that technology wise you are covered on speed, reliability and security.
With very little competition in the enterprise space, Brightedge is highly recommended for serious SEO activities. It was ingeniously conceived to fill an SEO need and creatively designed and developed. This software ranks 5 out of 5 stars in my book.


Derek Allen is an IT veteran with 24 years of business software development experience. SEO is actually very new to the field of IT, so trial and error is usually the only way. Derek has been working on SEO projects of all sizes since the dawn of search engines on the Internet. He is a full-time business systems consultant specializing in programming, integration and search engine optimization (SEO).

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Category : Enterprise Seo Software | Blog

Searchmetrics Suite is designed to increase web traffic to the site and improve the ranking of the website in major search engines. High rankings in search engines improve visibility. Improved visibility generates more traffic to the website. Increased traffic translates to a greater opportunity for sales conversion. Sales conversions allow businesses to become more profitable and more successful. High rankings allow businesses to separate themselves from the competition. Searchmetrics Suite provides customers with reports to allow them to make decisions about the best methods for driving traffic to a website.


Searchmetrics Suite has a strong set of features that allow web developers to create sites that drive the maximum amount of traffic. The company has a strong track record of assisting customers in achieving a high number of sales conversions. Customers will find the features of Searchmetrics Suite make it easier to perform mundane tasks in the least amount of time. Customers can then focus on web design and other metrics to drive business to sites.

• Screens and filters web data to provide results
• Increases website visibility
• Analyzes the search engine strategy of competitors
• Easy to understand line, bar and scatter diagrams
• Intuitive software interface
• Access to Page Rank or Alexa Rank
• Access to social media websites an blog links
• Highlights Key Performance Indicators
• Monitors trends and provides at least 12 months of historical data
• Through Backlink provides information about IP address, relevance, link texts, geo location and other information

The Good

• Displays the top 10,000 keywords for the given topic
• Provides a domain audit and an in depth analysis
• Provides suggestions for website improvement
• Includes automated reports for decision making processes
• Includes a database of Business-to-Business keywords
• Guarantees customer satisfaction through excellent support tools
• Used by companies such as, T-Mobile Online, Experteer, Parship, Handelsblatt, MyHammer and StepStone
• Monitor SEO and SEM strategies executed through automated reports
• Creates a “Cost Benefits Analysis”
• Provides all of the components for sales conversion
• Access to current and archived data
• Monitors competitor data
• Provides email reports
• Allows clients to take control of their own website without the assistance of the IT department
• No complex integration necessary. Easy to install.
• No setup fees involved
• Right to terminate within the first 30 days
• Only pay for 11 months, if you sign up and complete 12 months
• Available in 3 different packages. The packages differ based upon the number of domains offered.

The Bad

• Searchmetrics requires a 6 month contract. Also basic solution is limited to 10 URLs.

The Review and Rating

Customers have good remarks about Searchmetrics Suite. There are really no negatives compared to similar software offered to individuals. Individuals help to increase traffic to a number of visitors at once. Searchmetrics Suite will allow customers to reach new audiences that possess a strong interest in the product. The software also protects copyrights. The software generates traffic while remaining cost effective. Searchmetrics Suite will allow your company to maintain its competitive position in the marketplace. In effect, this will improve the company’s brand recognition and image.

Overall, Searchmetrics gives customers the features that they are seeking. The product is affordable and user friendly. Most customers rank the product 3.5 out of 4.
Get a free demo and check for yourself.

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Category : Enterprise Seo Software | Blog

If you are seriously considering developing an online presence, you will soon realize that there is more to being successful than just creating a website or blog and hoping everyone will find your site. To be successful on the today, you need to initiate a serious marketing plan, which includes keyword research, link building, incorporating social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and others into the mix, and creating informative content for your site.

So Where Do You Begin?

There are several tools available to help you in this process. The one that is a stand out, is Raven Internet Marketing Tools. It offers a complete package to help you be successful on the web.

Keyword Research and Keyword Management

As you are no doubt aware, your online success starts with keyword research. Raven can help you research and manage your keyword phrases.
Raven allows you to:
• Collect competitive information on keyword phrases to help you magnify your campaign.
• Uncover additional keywords you can use in your campaign with tools like Wordtracker, Google Adwords Tool and SEMRush.
• Start tracking your rankings as they relate to your keyword phrases.
Managing your keywords is a simple task with Raven. It allows you to organize and monitor your keyword phrases by:
• Tagging to manage your keywords as they increase in number.
• Working with others on your marketing plan.
• Tracking your search engine rankings.

Link Building

Building relevant inbound links to your site is very important also. Raven can assist by:

• Helping you find link building opportunities using SEOMoz and MajesticSEO.
• Allowing you to monitor your links for any change in status.
• Helping you manage your website contacts.
• Helping you manage the status of your links.

Raven also offers you the ability to create reports on your link building efforts.

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Category : Enterprise Seo Software | Professional Seo Software | Blog

Overview: A top all-in-one solution. Powerful features, clean interface. You should definitely try the free download. Five stars.

Definitely worth a free download, Web CEO is a unified workspace for ten programs that help you promote your site in search engines, intelligently analyze your visitors, and easily maintain your online estate. The programs will enable you to:
Research your keywords, Optimize your site for high rankings in search engines, Submit your URLs to search engines, Check your rankings with search engines, Know who links to your site and competition
Pinpoint broken links and other errors on your site, Edit your Web pages in the WYSIWYG mode, Upload HTML and other files to your server, Monitor your website to know if it is up or down
Track and analyze your visitors, ad campaigns, transactions, revenues, etc. with more than 120 live analytical reports (additional subscription required)
New features include:
• Enhanced off page analysis, including information on the Alexa and page ranking of the linking page. The Backlinks theme analysis gives the information on keywords in the BODY, titles, descriptions of the linked pages, etc.
• An enhanced report feature allowing reports to be customized with the brand of the SEO company.
• A time tracking tool that monitors time you spend on various tasks, helping to automate the billing of time to clients.
• More flexible settings for optimization reports that allow configuration to include more details.
• Keyword and keyphrase analysis are taken into account in on page text analysis – not only in English, but in Russian, Spanish and French language pages.

Manufacturer: WebCEO Inc.
Trial: Web CEO offers a free version with a high level of functionality. Users can obtain the free version of Web CEO here.
Price: Free Edition | SmallBiz: $199.00 | Professional: $389.00
Platform: Windows

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