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According to Website Rocket, their soul purpose is to provide a realistic and accessible SEO solution for small businesses and local businesses, specifically.

We all know that one of the #1 issues facing many small businesses, local businesses, and startups today is the cost associated with running an effective SEO campaign.

Everybody knows that in the small business world the idea of hiring a full-time SEO employee or qualified SEO service provider is completely out of the question simply because they can’t afford it! Even most of the today’s top DIY options can be quite expensive with some of them running a few hundred dollars or more each month!

Running a legitimate SEO campaign (at an affordable price) is now possible for small business owners – with the help of Website Rocket. Of course, it will require some legwork on your part.

Starting with step-by-step instructions Website Rocket takes small business owners (webmaster) through ESSENTIAL search engine optimization steps with incremental daily tasks.

Each SEO task given to you is ordered and prioritized with easy-to-follow directions. More importantly, each task is schedule for you so that you don’t have to worry about what you need to do next.

Tasks provided by Website Rocket include …

On Page Optimization coaching with SEO health checks for each page, niche link building tips, tricks and ideas, plus, website promotion tasks that included utilizing social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and more. Weekly blog post ideas that target longtail phrases within your niche are provided as well to not only help you keep your business current and up with the times but to help you reach lower hanging fruit and increase your overall traffic flow.

Here’s one of Website Rocket’s most unique features …

Website Rocket also allows business (when initially setting up their account) to opt for a Local SEO option. Yes, you read that right! A geo-targeted SEO campaign complete with tasks that can help you to build your businesses local visibility.

Many might wonder what an SEO business offering  such a low priced solution could possibly have to offer their business but here’s the truth about SEO (even if today’s top SEO’s don’t want to admit it).

The process of launching a new SEO campaign require a great deal of the same tasks – no matter what the niche. Yes, each task will require a slightly different approach depending on your industry but if you know this when starting it you can make these adjustments on your own – and that’s what Website Rocket will teach you!

So what can you expect if you choose Website Rocket?

When choosing to promote your website with Website Rocket you can move forward with an SEO campaign where each and every task that is directed is created to provide your website with a better and more organic footprint – giving your business the best possible chance of ranking high in today’s top search engines.

There is do doubt that Website Rocket is one of today’s the best options when it comes to doing SEO for beginners. It was built solely with the small business owner in mind.

Let Website Rocket help you “launch” your website to the top of Google utilizing the most current and most trusted industry standards.

Most small business owners like Website Rocket because it’s affordable, while those who truly understand the importance of even the most basic SEO elements see Website Rocket’s value as an integral part of a long term online marketing strategy.

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Upcity ReviewUpcity  launched a new product called Pathway. Pathway is the next step of the DIYSEO platform. It is build on industry secrets and helps SMBs to rank better in the search engines and social media. Here a quick excerpt of what you can expect:


  • To reflect how SEO has evolved into inbound marketing, Pathway now includes social media optimization, blogging and content development, reputation management, mobile and conversion optimization
  • Pathway uses game mechanics to make the overall experience more fun and engaging by rewarding clients for completing tasks and achieving rank and traffic improvements
  • It adds new education tools and commentary, including additional video and tutorials, to provide more guidance to help novices become experts
  • It provides an Ask an Expert area that allows small businesses to cost effectively tap into the knowledge of SEO and Inbound Marketing experts in the industry.

Below their  company video. A review of Upcity is coming up shortly

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Local SEO is huge and the toolsets are becoming more and more targeted towards local optimization. Covario recently launched Rioseo, which is their local component to analyse maps, local directories and so on.

Today DIYSEO followed suit and launched their free local SEO report card targeted towards small businesses. A first preview can be seen here:

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