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DIYSEO software is geared specifically toward small businesses that want to improve their presence on the internet. It contains easy to use optimization tools that can help any website generate more traffic using the knowledge of search engine optimization experts who have been successfully optimizing websites for years. Search engine optimization can be the key to increasing website traffic and improving sales numbers for your online marketing business.

The Importance of Ranking Well on Search Engines

When your business is near the top of the list of websites that come up for a specific search engine keyword, the traffic that visits your site will be focused more closely on the products that you sell. DIYSEO can help you create the most effective keywords and place them on your site in the proper fashion so that your website will be indexed higher on the search engine rankings for those keywords. When a site is listed near the top of the unpaid search results, customers understand that the website contains more of the information they are wanting to find. People will visit your site ready to learn more about what you have to offer.

Affordable SEO Results

DYSEO is priced so that even the smallest internet company can afford to purchase search engine optimization tools through their automated SEO software package. The knowledge of several years of search engine optimization experience has been condensed into a software program that can be used by any business to increase their rankings in search engines. A monthly subscription will buy you access to search engine optimization experts who can help you with any problem you may have while you are working toward optimizing your site so that the top search engines will rank you higher.

Create a Simple Plan of Action

There are three steps that DIYSEO uses to optimize any business website. This software helps you plan your site, complete tasks that are broken up into achievable sizes, and measure the results through website statistics. You will have all of the tools you need to continue making the right changes to generate higher search engine rankings. DIYSEO will help you interpret your website statistics so that you know exactly what your next step should be. Before you begin your optimization efforts, DIYSEO will guide you through planning a strategy that works for your specific business site.

Get the Information You Need in a Central Location

After you have installed DIYSEO on your site, you will have access to a dashboard that tells you everything you need to know about how your site is being used by your visitors. It will show you how you are currently ranking on the top search engines, with specific information on which keywords are rising or falling in the rankings. You can see where your site is listed for each keyword term on each of the top search engines at a glance. The dashboard is also where you will receive tasks from the software that guide you through the steps you need to take to improve your rankings.


Overall DIYSEO is a great product for small businesses, who cannot afford expensive SEO consulting. The unique features and constant development of the SEO platform should help anybody to earn some good rankings.

We even recommend DIYSEO for more advanced clients. The task builder is just a unique feature, that can help also the professional SEO in not missing out on the SEO steps.

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OptifySEO is a company with a proven track record of helping customers generate more leads, improve their marketing, and track their results. One of their primary focuses is on SEO. Their SEO software is not very well known among industry experts, but the concept is quite interesting.


OptifySEO’s software provides a great many useful features. One of the best is the ability to have each of your website’s pages assigned a score based on its current search engine effectiveness. This lets you know instantly where you need to focus your efforts. OptifySEO can show you the number of inbound links each page has, and it can recommend new keywords that you can focus on. They also provide checklists so that you can reduce the degree of human error.

The Good

– Analyze each page so that you know where to focus your efforts
– Get fantastic new ideas for how to get access to new customers and markets
– Detailed stats
– Proven track record for helping businesses gain stats

The Bad

– Due to the sophistication of the software, there may be a learning curve before you can master all the tools. Usability of the tool is quite complicated.
– All the stats and figures provided can be overwhelming at first
– Provides so many recommendations for improving your profits that your job will never be done
– SEO Optimization largely depends on inbound links, especially deeplinks and current rankings. All this stuff is currently not taking into consideration.

Review and Rating

Overall, OptifySEO has a good value for people, who like to dig into software. Although its sophistication and the detailed analysis it provides can be overwhelming at first, it is worth it to sort through them. There is no doubt that you will need some time to understand the tool and value of it. OptifySEO can be recommended for beginners and users with basic knowledge of SEO.

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Overview: One of the lower cost suites at the entry level. It is a bit dated in some of its features, but the more expensive versions offer reasonable functionality. Three stars.
AddWeb Website Promoter 8.0 is a suite of 19 optimization, maintenance, submission and ranking promotion tools

LinkTrader boosts your website’s link popularity by exchanging links

Submitter submits your website to thousands of search engines, a feature of dubious utility in 2007.

Page Advisor automatically analyzes your web pages and shows you what you need to the onpage elements do to get a top ranking position.
PageBuilder optimizes your web site for top ranking on search engines by automatically inserting position-boosting code, such as META tags, Heading tags, ALT tags
Rank Check checks your ranking on over 100 major search engines
Pay Submissions manages your paid placements
Search Tool quickly find out who you are competing with
SiteStats report on who is visiting your site, where they come from and what keywords they use
Reporter creates detailed reports
FTP Uploader uploads your optimized pages
Keyword Finder suggests what keywords to use
Knowledge Base A full tutorial on search engine positioning
ROI Calculators to help you measure your campaigns
Domain Manager to monitor you domains – and the ones you want!
Keyword Manager to manage which keywords you want to target with varied domains
SmartPatrol monitor your websites for downtime and conenction speed. WYSIWYG HTML Editor
Link Checker to scan for brocken or improper links
HTML Validator
Manufacturer: Cyberspace HQ
Trial: Users can obtain a free trial of AddWeb Website Promoter here.
Price: Delux: $69.99 | Platinum : $149.99 | Professional: $299.99
Platform: Windows

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OVERVIEW: Dynamic Web Ranking is a good quality reporting product. The price is a bit high compared to the functionality delivered in some all-in-one suites such as WebCEO or SEO Toolkit but the free 30 day trial provides an opportunity to determine its value. Three stars.
“A good quality reporting product with all the features you would expect. A nice feature is the keyword loader which will analyse your site to extract the keywords ready to run a report
The price is a bit high compared to the functionality delivered in some all-in-one suites such as WebCEO or SEO Toolkit.”

Dynamic Web Ranking provides a means to judge the success of your Search Engine Marketing.
Dynamic Web Ranking fully automates the process checking ranking positions, and provides practical guidance and tips to improve your pages so they’ll rank better with the search engines.
Features include:
• Graphical ranking reports for tracking the ranking over time.
• Overview report for all keywords and search engines.
• Support Google Web API to search on Google.
• Custom search for localized Search Engines for language and country.
• Filters for displaying data in reports.
• Tabular ranking reports for a quick preview of your rank.
• Send the generated ranking reports to multiple email addresses.
• Keyword Builder with KEI indicator to determine keyword importancy
• Graphical ranking Score reports to tracking the ranking by project, engine and URL
• Comprehensive ranking reports provide details ranking data in different view
Manufacturer: Apex Pacific
Trial: Free 30 Day Trial Download
Price: Free 30 Day Trial | Standard: $149.95 | Professional : $259.95

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