Strucr Review

Because of growth in the search engine optimization industry (SEO), a host of tools has appeared to aid website owners and administrators. One important use of these programs is creating a well-defined and error free website structure. This is an essential part of improving website rankings. The German based provides just such an application, […]

Linkparser Review

Link Parser, developed by Seerobots, is a Firefox plugin used to evaluate links on a webpage. This add on can decrease the spam and spam comments often found on websites by checking “nofollow” when you download it. It keeps your computer safe from viruses and trojans. It is available as a download with a 30 […]

Superclix Spider Robot Helps To Analyze Outbound Links in Seconds

We know that there are 200 free tools out there that can do pretty much everything that paid tools can do. However, most tools are not fast enough, which is why one of our favorite tools is SEMRUSH. One of another free tool that we discovered today is the Page Spider from Superclix. What we […]

New Raven Features Improves SEO Rank Reports For Everyone

So Raven’s SEO software once more got a nice update with some features that we’ve been looking for. One feature especially is very interesting to us: SERP Rank Editing: SERP rank editing allows anyone to change the report to a position that they want. It always has been a pain when holes in the graph or […]

Searchmetrics Backlink Data

After Yahoo Siteexplorers shutdown, several vendors keep pushing out new backlinks data products. Searchmetrics (our winner for best enterprise SEO software) announced their Backlinks Link Module. The following features are included: – Number of Backlinks – Ratio analysis of Image Links vs. Textlinks – Identification of IP addresses, TLD (Top Level Domain), geolocation information for […]