WebLink SEO uses several different tools to detect the content of other websites and improve accessibility of a new or existing site through a search engine.


One of the most predominant features of this powerful new product is that it will allow other websites to link themselves to the site being improved by WebLink SEO. The software will automatically send out emails to other web domains offering linking to the website. By linking many other reputable pages to one’s own page, this will increase the volume of web traffic. Reciprocal links are a mutually beneficial thing for both parties involved, but even more so for the person using WebLink SEO.

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Raven SEO Software Review

If you are seriously considering developing an online presence, you will soon realize that there is more to being successful than just creating a website or blog and hoping everyone will find your site. To be successful on the today, you need to initiate a serious marketing plan, which includes keyword research, link building, incorporating social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and others into the mix, and creating informative content for your site.

So Where Do You Begin?

There are several tools available to help you in this process. The one that is a stand out, is Raven Internet Marketing Tools. It offers a complete package to help you be successful on the web.

Keyword Research and Keyword Management

As you are no doubt aware, your online success starts with keyword research. Raven can help you research and manage your keyword phrases.
Raven allows you to:
• Collect competitive information on keyword phrases to help you magnify your campaign.
• Uncover additional keywords you can use in your campaign with tools like Wordtracker, Google Adwords Tool and SEMRush.
• Start tracking your rankings as they relate to your keyword phrases.
Managing your keywords is a simple task with Raven. It allows you to organize and monitor your keyword phrases by:
• Tagging to manage your keywords as they increase in number.
• Working with others on your marketing plan.
• Tracking your search engine rankings.

Link Building

Building relevant inbound links to your site is very important also. Raven can assist by:

• Helping you find link building opportunities using SEOMoz and MajesticSEO.
• Allowing you to monitor your links for any change in status.
• Helping you manage your website contacts.
• Helping you manage the status of your links.

Raven also offers you the ability to create reports on your link building efforts.
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The Internet BusinessPromoter software is designed to help anyone with a business website generate more traffic and gain higher rankings with the top search engines.

Achieve Top 10 Rankings for Specific Keywords

When your site is ranked in the top 10 search results on the most popular search engines, your site will experience a noticeable increase in traffic. iBusinessPromoter is designed to help you optimize your site so that it will appear in the top 10 consistently. The software also keeps track of changes in search engine requirements so that you will know immediately when you need to make an adjustment to your site so that it will maintain its ranking. Organic site rankings are far more powerful than the paid rankings that you can purchase from search engines because consumers trust that the organic rankings are more legitimate.

Targeted Traffic Increases Sales

Generating traffic through targeted keywords on search engines means that the people who click through to your site are already interested in the products you are selling. When someone enters a keyword into a search engine they are looking for something specific and have already expressed a need for the item. General advertising will draw customers who may or may not want to learn more about your products. Targeted search engine results guarantee that more of your site’s visitors will be likely to spend money on your site.

Follow Clear Instructions to Improve Your Site’s Optimization

The layout of the iBusinessPromoter software is very straightforward and easy to follow. Each screen gives you the information that you need to keep track of your site’s performance. There are also easy to follow instructions that tell you exactly what you need to do in order to improve or maintain your site’s rankings at the top search engines. Charts, graphs, links, and spreadsheets show you the statistics in several different ways so that you can understand them completely.

Choose the Keywords and Search Engines

One of the more unique features of iBusinessPromoter software is that it allows you to choose which search engines you want to focus your optimization for. If you would specifically like higher rankings at Google, Yahoo, or another high profile search engine this software will create targeted instructions for those specific search engines. Once you choose the keyword that you want to use and the search engine you want to optimize for, the software will help you climb the rankings for that search engine specifically.

Keep Track of Your Site’s Statistics

iBusinessPromoter also allows you to follow the progress you’re making as you continue to optimize your site. You can see which search engines are sending the most traffic to your site. You can also see which keywords are being used to get to your site the most often. With the detailed information that you get from iBusinessPromoter, you can continue to focus your site on driving the traffic that is the most effective for sales. You’ll quickly learn which keywords and marketing techniques are working as well as which ones are not as helpful.

Low Maintenance Way to Generate Traffic

Once you have finished using iBusinessPromoter to optimize your site during the initial setup phase, there is very little maintenance required to keep your site’s rankings. The simple tracking tools will keep you updated on what is working and what isn’t so that you can spend your time concentrating on effective optimization methods instead of guessing what will work. Achieving higher rankings from top search engines will drive traffic much more effectively than any other marketing strategy without you having to spend any extra marketing time or money. You will gain targeted customers through very little effort or expense, which will help to increase your profits and your web presence. iBusinessPromoter software is a tool that any serious online business should consider as a fundamental way to earn search engine rankings to drive more business to their website.

Quick note:
We’ve covered IBP9, the internet management software before. However we are now at version 11.7.4 and the tool has changed completely. Speical IBP 11+ free trial offer you’ll be able to find here.

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SeoSoftware.net Update

We’ve been working on the brand new Seo Software.net site for a few days now and things are coming together.

The site will mostly explain, rate and review different variations of SEO software products, as well as related software, which can be used as SEO Tools.

Since we are not a software provider ourselves we’ll work hard to keep our independant approach to the different vendors.

Our goal is to come up with the most well-rounded and updated guide for SEO software products.
We will updating on almost a daily basis, so come back soon.

If you have questions, recommendations or any inquiries, please don’t hesitate us at team @ seosoftware.net.

For your SEO success,

Your Seosoftware.net Team

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Reputationobserver.com – Social Media Analytics Software

Misuse of content is one of the primary complications faced by Internet article writers, web designers, and company name branding planners. If the revolutionary tracking, measuring, and repairing technology that Reputation Observer claims to utilize lives up to its promise, we may yet see an intelligent means for intercepting and stopping this online media hijacking. The broad approach of the planned Reputation Observer package aims to provide effective, advanced methods for analyzing, controlling, and protecting social media and other online media outlets.

This article is based around the content on display at the Reputation Observer website. Since the product is not completed and the website is limited in function ability, this article cannot address the performance aspect of Reputation Observer, the social media analytics software. We can only present the planned focus of the software.

The Concept of Online Branding

Just as trademarks, logos, and consumer opinion identify and establish the reputation of the neighborhood corner restaurant, social media and other online media outlets can determine your online value. Internet survival, along with name brand identification, depends upon user recognition and approval of your Internet presences. To gain Internet ground, a business must have an identity that is associated with unique services, quality products, worthwhile user interaction features, attention grabbing headlines, precise site content, and an unerring report of honesty.

Unless you are coming onboard with a preexisting reputation, there is little room for mistakes. The competition is fierce and the path to success is potholed with false starting points. In the struggle to capture and retain user interest, it is necessary to maintain strict control over social media content. You must zero in on a specific audience, gratify their expectations, and retain a reputation for honesty and dependability.

How To Establish A Quality Online Reputation

Creating a reputation is not difficult. Every entity has a character rating that is determined by their own behaviors as perceived by those who interact with them. Good or bad, you have a reputation.

Creating a great reputation concerning a specific area of expertise requires seven primary components:

1. Focus: Know who you are, what area of products or services you are going to offer, the needs of your prospective target audience, and how you plan to meet those needs in an honest and open fashion;
2. Advertise: Maintain useful site content. Give away information. Blanket the Internet with articles that contain valuable subject matter, and a few back links to your website. Purchase search engine recognition.
3. Quality Management: Study the options available for gaining customer loyalty. Trust in the tried and true. Be willing to invest in advertisement and quality image building techniques;
4. Image Control: Help in the shaping of public opinion is one of key features promised to be included in the Reputation Observer social media analytics software. When it comes to your name brand, your company, and your reputation you must have a means of ensuring that things are being developed and used in the proper perspectives;
5. Central Management: Working from a central tracking center is a primary purpose for Reputation Observer type social media analytics software. The goal is to create a 360-degree view of your brand name as applied to search and social media functions;
6. Know The Fundamentals of Internet Social Media Procedures: Reputation Observer promises to help you monitor the various facets of Internet media activity. This includes a statement concerning expertise in paid search methods, domain monitoring, and social media surveillance;
7. Think Customer Satisfaction: This is the core of any quality reputation. If image becomes your goal focus, your customers will sense that you do not really care about their best interest but rather that they are merely a means to a plan.

If you are interested in these kind of services contact Reputationobserver.com, Reputationsverteidiger.de or Reputationobserver.fr

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Keyword Research Programs

Without keyword research, you can’t possibly know which terms you should be optimizing your site for. You need to identify a wide range of terms pertinent to the subject of the site, identify which ones actually have the potential to drive traffic, and further identify which terms are going to be easiest to rank for. SEO Keyword Research software helps accelerate this task. Good keyword research programs will help generate lists of keywords, including synonyms and related terms you may not have thought of. They will let you know how many searches are being performed for these terms on the top engines, and will let you know how many sites potentially can turn up for those terms. Most will let you know the bidding level for those terms in paid search ads, which further helps you gauge how intense the competition is for those terms. These tools are also highly useful for PPC campaigns. They help you identify terms to bid on, and also help you assess the potential costs.

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WebCEO 7.7

Overview: A top all-in-one solution. Powerful features, clean interface. You should definitely try the free download. Five stars.

Definitely worth a free download, Web CEO is a unified workspace for ten programs that help you promote your site in search engines, intelligently analyze your visitors, and easily maintain your online estate. The programs will enable you to:
Research your keywords, Optimize your site for high rankings in search engines, Submit your URLs to search engines, Check your rankings with search engines, Know who links to your site and competition
Pinpoint broken links and other errors on your site, Edit your Web pages in the WYSIWYG mode, Upload HTML and other files to your server, Monitor your website to know if it is up or down
Track and analyze your visitors, ad campaigns, transactions, revenues, etc. with more than 120 live analytical reports (additional subscription required)
New features include:
• Enhanced off page analysis, including information on the Alexa and page ranking of the linking page. The Backlinks theme analysis gives the information on keywords in the BODY, titles, descriptions of the linked pages, etc.
• An enhanced report feature allowing reports to be customized with the brand of the SEO company.
• A time tracking tool that monitors time you spend on various tasks, helping to automate the billing of time to clients.
• More flexible settings for optimization reports that allow configuration to include more details.
• Keyword and keyphrase analysis are taken into account in on page text analysis – not only in English, but in Russian, Spanish and French language pages.
Manufacturer: WebCEO Inc.
Trial: Web CEO offers a free version with a high level of functionality. Users can obtain the free version of Web CEO here.
Price: Free Edition | SmallBiz: $199.00 | Professional: $389.00
Platform: Windows

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AddWeb Website Promoter 8.0

Overview: One of the lower cost suites at the entry level. It is a bit dated in some of its features, but the more expensive versions offer reasonable functionality. Three stars.
AddWeb Website Promoter 8.0 is a suite of 19 optimization, maintenance, submission and ranking promotion tools

LinkTrader boosts your website’s link popularity by exchanging links

Submitter submits your website to thousands of search engines, a feature of dubious utility in 2007.

Page Advisor automatically analyzes your web pages and shows you what you need to the onpage elements do to get a top ranking position.
PageBuilder optimizes your web site for top ranking on search engines by automatically inserting position-boosting code, such as META tags, Heading tags, ALT tags
Rank Check checks your ranking on over 100 major search engines
Pay Submissions manages your paid placements
Search Tool quickly find out who you are competing with
SiteStats report on who is visiting your site, where they come from and what keywords they use
Reporter creates detailed reports
FTP Uploader uploads your optimized pages
Keyword Finder suggests what keywords to use
Knowledge Base A full tutorial on search engine positioning
ROI Calculators to help you measure your campaigns
Domain Manager to monitor you domains – and the ones you want!
Keyword Manager to manage which keywords you want to target with varied domains
SmartPatrol monitor your websites for downtime and conenction speed. WYSIWYG HTML Editor
Link Checker to scan for brocken or improper links
HTML Validator
Manufacturer: Cyberspace HQ
Trial: Users can obtain a free trial of AddWeb Website Promoter here.
Price: Delux: $69.99 | Platinum : $149.99 | Professional: $299.99
Platform: Windows

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Dynamic Web Ranker

OVERVIEW: Dynamic Web Ranking is a good quality reporting product. The price is a bit high compared to the functionality delivered in some all-in-one suites such as WebCEO or SEO Toolkit but the free 30 day trial provides an opportunity to determine its value. Three stars.
“A good quality reporting product with all the features you would expect. A nice feature is the keyword loader which will analyse your site to extract the keywords ready to run a report
The price is a bit high compared to the functionality delivered in some all-in-one suites such as WebCEO or SEO Toolkit.”

Dynamic Web Ranking provides a means to judge the success of your Search Engine Marketing.
Dynamic Web Ranking fully automates the process checking ranking positions, and provides practical guidance and tips to improve your pages so they’ll rank better with the search engines.
Features include:
• Graphical ranking reports for tracking the ranking over time.
• Overview report for all keywords and search engines.
• Support Google Web API to search on Google.
• Custom search for localized Search Engines for language and country.
• Filters for displaying data in reports.
• Tabular ranking reports for a quick preview of your rank.
• Send the generated ranking reports to multiple email addresses.
• Keyword Builder with KEI indicator to determine keyword importancy
• Graphical ranking Score reports to tracking the ranking by project, engine and URL
• Comprehensive ranking reports provide details ranking data in different view
Manufacturer: Apex Pacific
Trial: Free 30 Day Trial Download
Price: Free 30 Day Trial | Standard: $149.95 | Professional : $259.95

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OVERVIEW: Click Tracks is a top quality log file analyzer that comes in a remarkably powerful free version. The more expensive versions, along with the hosted versions, can handle the most demanding analytical needs, at a price. Recommended. Five Stars.
“A beautiful interface that anyone can understand. The system only provides the information you need to make informed decisions about your website visitors. We recommend trying the free version.”

ClickTracks provides drill-down web analytics in a visual interface. It’s the program of choice for independent webmasters who want top quality, easy to read analytics, and who don’t want to share their data with Google. The simple but powerful interface will allow you to see exact visitor behaviour, helping to reveals WHY visitors do WHAT they do. A powerful ROI module allows you to determine Google, Overture and custom campaign ROI with ease.
The free “Appetizer” version has surprisingly advanced functionality, and higher levels of functionality are turned on one day each month to allow you to sample the more advanced features.
Hosted versions are also available at different prices.

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