Submission Software

The golden days of submission software are long behind us.
Back in the day, back when Pluto was still a planet and gasoline was fairly cheap, search engines required new sites to be submitted to them. Rapid automated submission of sites and pages within sites could help sites rank more effectively.
That’s no longer the case. Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and other top search engines will find your site on their own through inbound links. Submitting is at best unnecessary, and, in the view of some, a negative.
Directories are a different story. There are still many web directories that will give your site a link for free, and in some cases getting such a link will either drive traffic on its own or provide a modest boost in the search engines. Submission software cannot wholly automate this task, but the better submission modules can identify worthwhile directories and help expedite the task.

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PPC Management

Pay Per Click Management Software
Pay per click campaigns can get expensive quickly.
That’s fine if the PPC search campaigns are generating a positive return on investment. It can be a business killing problem if not.
One essential for successful pay per click marketing is tracking and management of the pay per click campaigns. Once the keywords have been identified and the campaign launched, the results need to be tracked so profitable terms can be expanded upon and unprofitable terms dropped.
This software helps with that tracking and management process. Don’t run a campaign without it.
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• Pay Per Click Management

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OVERVIEW: Links are the key to top rankings in competitive spaces. SEO Elite helps expedite the link building process. A money back guarantee makes a test painless. Four Stars.
SEO Elite 4.0 combines a solid link building program with video training materials and access to a members only SEO forum. As you begin to understand each of the eight functions in SEO Elite, a powerful program begins to emerge. SEO Elite focuses entirely on off-page optimization – namely link management. The program will analyze your competitors inbound links, submit link exchange requests, check ranking and generate link pages – all in an ethical manner.
We rate SEO Elite as a useful tool for building the links essential to SEO success. A money back guarantee makes giving it a try painless; even if you cancel, you retain the benefit of the extensive training materials.

SEO Elite is a powerful link building tool. The program will analyse your competitors inbound links, submit link exchange requests, check ranking and generate link pages – all in an ethical manner.
Further, the software is backed by a highly responsive team and comes with a sixty day money back guarantee.
Analysis of competitors’ inbound links is a great tool for accelerating the link building process. With SEO Elite, you can find out not only who is linking to your competitors, but what anchor text and keywords are being used to generate their top rankings.
You can quickly reverse engineer the entire linking strategy of the top ranked sites, rapidly gathering information such as:
• The Google(PageRank) of the linking page
• The page title of the linking webpage
• The anchor text surrounding the link
• The total number of times a specified keyword appears within the anchor text
• The percentage of websites that a specified anchor text exists within the anchor text.
• The total number of outbound links on the webpage their link resides on
• The total number of links on the the webpage their link resides on.
• Allows you to do a “whois search” on the website their link resides on so you can easily call them up on the telephone if you wish.
• The email address of the website their link resides on
• The link popularity of the webpage their link resides on
• Calculates the average Page Rank of all the websites pointing to their website
• Calculates the number of PR0-10 websites linking to their website
• Summarizes the number of links from each IP Address
• Summarizes the total number of each type of extension you, or your competitor’s link contain. (i.e. .edu .org .com .net and so on..)
• Age of all websites
• Whether the website is in the Yahoo Directory
• Whether the website is in
• Whether the website is in Wikipedia
With a move to a subscription model, the value offered goes beyond the software itself. Those subscribing get access to audio and video training materials, as well as a members only forum where general SEO questions can be discussed with experts.

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IBP9 SEO Software

IBP9 provides tools for the entire search engine optimization process, from first searching for keywords to checking the ranking of the completed site over time. It features 7 professional tools in one software program.
1. The Top 10 Ranking Optimizer tool
2. The next generation search engine submission tool
3. Submit to Internet directories semi-automatically
4. Submit to special interest sites and improve your link popularity
5. Track your search engine rankings over time
6. Analyze the keyword density of your web pages
7. Professional reports in PDF, HTML, text and MS Word format
IBP 9 includes significant upgrades from prior editions. For example, the new IBP version now analyzes Google PageRank, Alexa TrafficRank, inbound links, inbound link texts, IP addresses and more.
Axandra offers three versions of IBP9 – a free version with some features disabled that allows for an extensive testing of the product, a “Standard” edition that provides full functionality for up to five projects, and a “Business” edition aimed at SEO professionals that allows an unlimited number of projects. You can upgrade from the Standard to the Business edition by paying the price difference. If you choose to purchase IBP 9 so as to try it without features disabled, Arelis guarantees a complete refund if you decide within 30 days it does not meet your needs or is not worth the money. Here’s the link to the special deal.

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Black Hat Software

Search engines have rules that they want webmasters and SEOs to follow. These rules don’t have the force of law, and it’s not illegal to ignore them, but search engines can and will ban your site from their results if they catch you violating them.
So called “Black Hat” SEOs are the folks who dare to defy the search engines, and violate or skirt the rules. Some consider it unethical; others consider it a friendly contest between the SEO and the algorithm twisters at the search engines.
We don’t do Black Hat SEO here at, and we don’t recommend that you do either. Aside from the ethical questions, it’s no game for amateurs. Make a mistake, and your sites can be banned from the search engine results, for good. Do that to an SEO client who did not know that you were pushing the rules, and the results could be disastrous.
All the same, we list here some of the popular programs used by Black Hat SEOs. Use them at your peril.

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SoloSeo – Link Search Tool

SoloSEO is an online SEO (search engine optimization) project management utility created by Aaron R. Stewart and Michael D. Jensen. The project aims to help both beginner and professional users to manage their SEO campaigns by offering two services.


SoloSEO certainly sounds like a great help, but what does this tool have to offer? For $29 a month, the possibilities are quite broad. You can do anything from managing your keywords all in one place to comparing your sites’ stats up against the competition’s. The utility handles loads of things such as suggesting keywords, tracking backlinks, creating optimized pages, managing link building, analyzing the strength and quality of sites, generating comprehensive reports, monitoring active and inactive links, and so much more. The list literally goes on and on with this great SEO tool.

The Good

Not only does this utility come with a handful of great features, there is also a Tutorial feature included for SEO newbies. This feature includes things such as explanations and links for standard SEO tasks, Learning Areas, resources to help further instruct on the topic of SEO, etc. SoloSEO also allows management of up to 5 websites for $29, and adding on further websites costs $4 more a month. The creators even offer a free trial so that you can check the tool out risk-free. You’ll also find that other SEO tools focus only tend to focus on a few things while SoloSEO virtually covers the whole spectrum.

The Bad

As with everything that has pros, there are also cons. The main gripe seems to be the customer service. Don’t expect to call an 800 number and receive instant assistance with an issue you may have with SoloSEO because the only form of support that Stewart and Jensen offer is through the website’s tutorial and FAQ pages as well as email.

Review & Rating

Overall, SoloSEO is great for anybody wanting to get down and dirty with SEO and maximize their profits and/or traffic from their websites. The utility offers a vast range of features that are significantly helpful to websites that are in dire need of optimization. Best of all, it’s affordable!

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