Ahrefs Backlink Tracker

If you run a website, then chances are almost certain you’ve been concerned about the quantity of traffic to your site at some point or another. If you’ve kept track of the number of visitors to your site on any given day, you also know that the traffic comes in like periodic waves; at times the traffic is plentiful, and at other times you get next to no visits at all. This can be a very curious thing and can drive many website owners to grey hairs trying to figure out why this happens. This is where a program like Ahrefs comes into play.

Ahrefs is an essential tool for any webmaster interested in traffic research, analysis and management. It uses its own bot and its own index, which they state is based on information from hundreds of billions (with a ‘”b”) website connections. The index is also updated every thirty minutes and has a ranking database of millions of keywords from about nine different countries. The basic user tools include:

• Site Explorer
• Reports
• SERPs analysis
• Labs/Tools

Most webmasters know that the goal is to get new and frequent visitors coming to the site from other websites like Google, Yahoo, blogs and so on. Every time a new visitor comes from a different website, the process is called a backlink, and this includes search engines. Being able to track your backlinks is one of the most important ways to tell precisely where your traffic is coming from.

Say you frequently link blog articles to Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon and Reddit. You’re getting 2,000 page views in an hour. Ahrefs gives you a full analysis of where these hits are coming from. Now say Ahrefs tells you you’re getting 1,000 hits from Facebook, 500 from Twitter, 500 from StumbleUpon and none from Reddit. You can spend less time on Reddit and more time on the others where the majority of hits are coming from.

Backlinks is just the tip of the iceberg with Ahrefs. One of the main features of Ahref is its Site Explorer, where you have the option of choosing a specific URL, the domain with all subdomains or the domain with no subdomains. The interface provides interesting and vital stats, such as the total number of backlinks (including the type: text, image, redirects, etc.), unique domains and distinct referring IPs and subnets. Aside from the overview analysis, you’re provided with a slew of other research options to choose from, including:

• Newly discovered links from the previous month to the current month.
• Lost or dropped links.
• Anchor text report of external links.
• Crawled pages (Page URL and Title, Crawl Date, Page Size, etc.).
• Referring domains and subnet links from each domain.
• SERP information and positioning in multiple countries.
• Raw export of the data (based on the pricing plan).

Though Ahrefs is one of the most powerful tools a webmaster can have, there are some downsides. There are no special, so it isn’t mobile and has to run on a PC. It has to be constantly updated and it occasionally crashes and can potentially lose data (though this might depend on the resources of the PC and the internet connection itself). You access the application from its own server, so you don’t need local software installations, but this does take away some of the control that many users would prefer.

But there’s no reason to doubt its comprehensiveness. The server is quite fast, which makes the exportability of the data and the filtering capabilities very smooth for the most part. The tool does just what you expect it to do and is very easy to use, which requires very little entry-level experience. Ahrefs is highly recommended and a must-have for those who are into link research. From a scale of one to ten, it gets a solid eight.

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Strucr Review

Because of growth in the search engine optimization industry (SEO), a host of tools has appeared to aid website owners and administrators. One important use of these programs is creating a well-defined and error free website structure. This is an essential part of improving website rankings.

The German based Strucr.com provides just such an application, giving users an in-depth overview of a website’s link hierarchy. It uses web-crawling software to generate useful information about a domain. Broken links, a factor that can devastate SEO efforts, are identified for correction. Other page errors and network problems can be traced as well. Equally important, it measures the load times for each page. Strucr.com also shows users the most important pages on a website, allowing the administrator to focus SEO efforts and link building on those pages.

Advantages of Using Strucr.com

Users of Strucr.com have had an overwhelmingly positive reaction to the software. It is cleanly designed and quickly generates metrics and reports.

Not necessarily designed to use on only one domain, even the most basic edition of the Strucr.com web application allows an infinite number of domains and an infinite number of scans, one website at a time. It is only limited by the number of pages within a single domain it can scan.

Strucr.com offers a competitive pricing structure that rivals similar services. They also offer 20% discounts for paying for a year in advances. Customers are able to make this payment with either wire transfer or PayPal. While many of their clients are German, Strucr.com offers their services to any international customers and the use of PayPal allows them to accept almost any form of payment.

Disadvantages of Strucr.com

While the service offers a very in-depth look at a website’s link structure, it fails to take into account external links. Because search engines will identify any broken external links and use them to lower page rank, it is disappointing these links are not considered.

Moreover, the service is only able to store five reports at one time. Administrators may want to compare how changes in their paging methods have affected their website over time, but they will be unable to do so because of this limitation.

In spite of these negatives, Strucr.com does a good job of fulfilling its purpose. However, they are directly competing with Google Analytics and other free online services. Many of the free crawlers available online can also serve the same purpose, if not alone than certainly in tandem. This includes every Strucr.com service from broken link detection to reports on page load times.

Strucr.com Review

The German website Strucr.com provides an important service for SEO professionals. It quickly compiles very informative reports on the structure, load times and errors of a website. However, it may have trouble competing with other websites that do not charge for web crawling. Newer website designers and administrators may find the service very useful, but it is likely that more savvy developers will be able to gather the same information without the need of a paid service.

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Raven SEO – New Features

So it has been a bite quiet about Raven recently and we are not surprised that they plan to launch a new feature today or tomorrow at the Blueglass show.

Rumors are going around that Raven will feature some more integrated Social tools, that could help marketers to take care of the SMO field, which becomes more and more important.

We are in LA live at the show and will break the news as soon as we here them. Stay tuned!

Ok update is here: Raven will launch CRM functionality, which should help you manage your webmaster outreach. Full video here:

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SERPmetrics – Ranking tracking tool

So we are not 100% sure what SERPmetrics is exactly about, but while we wait here for the Blueglass LA show to start, we stumbled on their site.

So far we only know that SERPMetrics allows large scale ranking tracking with a full-blown API. Apparently the tool is already in beta with 1 billion URLs tracked.

If these numbers are reality we definitely will have a larger player entering the market of SERP tracking. So far, the only company that does large scale SERP tracking for clients is Authoritylabs, so sounds exciting to see a new player entering the market.


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Onpage.org Coming Soon

So…not another tool you might think and we sometimes agree that the market is flooded with tools, that more or less are covering the same field.

However, we’ve recently discovered that a new tool with unseen features is going to launch.  It’ll be called Onpage.org, which is built and marketed by the Tandler&Doerje Partnership, which most of you probably know from Marcus Tandler aka Mediadonis.

What’s interesting about Onpage.org is the fact that it’s been developed solely for onpage stuff and seems to have a new approach to the always neglected onsite optimization.

Since it’s not public yet, we’ve only heard some insder info: The tool will analyze internal link structures, code issues as well as other onsite factors.

The revolutinizing approach is given by the fact that the onpage changes can be tied to SEO rankings and a To-do recommendation engine and a task manager.

To explain this further: Onpage.org might tell you to change a few internal links, which you then will be able to track and anzlyze through a dashboard.

Overall…the Onpage.org team takes here an extremely interesting approach and esp. for larger sites and home-grown CMS’s this could be very valuable. Besides Covario’s SEO software and Conductor (which play solely in the enterprise field) there is not really any comparable SEO tool, that we are aware of. That’s why we are excited and are and are looking forward to the launch. It was about time that someone develops a different solution to the onsite vs. offsite SEO prioritization dilemma.


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Linkparser Review

Link Parser, developed by Seerobots, is a Firefox plugin used to evaluate links on a webpage. This add on can decrease the spam and spam comments often found on websites by checking “nofollow” when you download it. It keeps your computer safe from viruses and trojans. It is available as a download with a 30 day free trial offer. Link Parser is a tool that highlights links in a variety of different colors. It counts your links and marks them after evaluation. It can be used on most Windows operating systems plus Linux and Max OS X systems.
This firefox add on differentiates between 9 types that include internal nofollow and dofollow, subdomain nofollow and dofollow, and external nofollow and dofollow types. Easy to set up, Link Parser either allows crawlers to block certain visitors to your site or not. You choose which are allowed for your website. Each type of link is evaluated separately and and then highlighted to make it easier for web page owners to spot links that may be a danger to their computer. The Link Parser can be customized to meet the needs of the user. It is available at Mozilla or Seerrobots websites.

The pros of using Link Parser include the safety involved in allowing certain links to be crawled by search engines. Another good aspect of using this add on is the ability to set it up the way you want. It is fully customizable. Seerobot offers many different designs and features to customize Link Parser the way you want it. You, the user, can now analyze each link on your web page and on each web page you visit. Because the Link Parser was tested thoroughly before it came on the market it is safe for your computer. It blocks all malware so there’s no need to worry when it is downloaded on your computer.

Along with the pros come the cons. It isn’t free, although there is a 30 day free trial so if you choose you can cancel it at any time. It still isn’t ready for Firefox 5 so Seerrobots still has a ways to go before meeting customers expectations because it is in the experimental stages.

We rate the Link Parser as a great add-on although it continues to need improvement. It is available on Firefox now so each user can customize it as they like.

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Superclix Spider Robot Helps To Analyze Outbound Links in Seconds

We know that there are 200 free tools out there that can do pretty much everything that paid tools can do. However, most tools are not fast enough, which is why one of our favorite tools is SEMRUSH.

One of another free tool that we discovered today is the Page Spider from Superclix. What we  love about this tool is the outbound link checker, which is just so damn fast…that there is no other comparable tool out there.

The tool literally takes 2 seconds to crawl a website and fire back the results of outbound links, anchors, http errors, headers, meta tags and so on.

Thumbs UP:



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New Raven Features Improves SEO Rank Reports For Everyone

So Raven’s SEO software once more got a nice update with some features that we’ve been looking for. One feature especially is very interesting to us:

SERP Rank Editing:

Rank Editing

SERP rank editing allows anyone to change the report to a position that they want. It always has been a pain when holes in the graph or list appear, but the ranking is still there driving traffic.
It’s literally impossible for anyone to accurately track results, especially if geolocation, universal search,  personalization and asynchronous data (from different data centers) influence the ranking.

Even that it is a small change of how Raven does things, this once more shows that Raven understands the needs of agencies and is more  of an SEO workflow management tool, than just a data provider for clients.

As written in our review we highly recommend the software to agencies, b/c the Raven team is constantly not only adding new features, but also fixing stuff that is super important for the day to day work of an SEO.





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SEMRUSH Adsense Advertiser Report Is Huge

So SEMRUSH is one of the few companies that are not out there actively promoting the SEO software, but everyone is using it. And the reason is pretty clear: It’s incredible fast and most of the data generated by the tool is more than solid.

So instead of sending teams of sales people’s to shows or throwing out thought-leadership content out to the community….they are just developing and developing the software. Their latest inventions is called Adsense Advertiser report.

Witht this report you not only going to see the Adwords campaigns of a specific website, but you can also get a full overview about the publishers. And that is..if you have deep pockets….huge, especially when you want to go your competitors in a pretty aggressive way.  Check out what we found for “Linkedin”:


And in detail:



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Searchmetrics Backlink Data

After Yahoo Siteexplorers shutdown, several vendors keep pushing out new backlinks data products. Searchmetrics (our winner for best enterprise SEO software) announced their Backlinks Link Module.

The following features are included:

– Number of Backlinks
– Ratio analysis of Image Links vs. Textlinks
– Identification of IP addresses, TLD (Top Level Domain), geolocation information for links
– …

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