Website Rocket is one of the newest tools to enter the DIY SEO software space

According to Website Rocket, their soul purpose is to provide a realistic and accessible SEO solution for small businesses and local businesses, specifically. We all know that one of the #1 issues facing many small businesses, local businesses, and startups today is the cost associated with running an effective SEO ..Continue Reading


Upcity  launched a new product called Pathway. Pathway is the next step of the DIYSEO platform. It is build on industry secrets and helps SMBs to rank better in the search engines and social media. Here a quick excerpt of what you can expect:   To reflect how SEO has ..Continue Reading

Local SEO Report Card Launched By DIYSEO

Local SEO is huge and the toolsets are becoming more and more targeted towards local optimization. Covario recently launched Rioseo, which is their local component to analyse maps, local directories and so on. Today DIYSEO followed suit and launched their free local SEO report card targeted towards small businesses. A ..Continue Reading