Free Seo Report!

Not sure if anybody noticed, but it’s amazing to me how many companies started to get in the Free SEO Report game in the past few months. Besides Thefreeseoreport, which looks like a basic E-book subscription model and is around for a while, now  Jeremy Shoemaker launched a product called ..Continue Reading

10 Quick SEO Tips For E-commerce Websites

1. Create a Sitemap Create a sitemap for Google, Google shopping and other third party shoppping comparison engines 2. Content Continually add fresh and unique content to your website. Avoid duplicate content such as content from manufacturers 3. Videos Videos are more and more important since universal search became a ..Continue Reading

Brightedge SEO Software Review

SEO projects are not only tedious, time consuming and require much patience, but all your efforts and time will usually remain in the dark. In order to determine the success or failure of any task we take on, the results for must be measurable. Results measurability has always been a ..Continue Reading