SEO projects are not only tedious, time consuming and require much patience, but all your efforts and time will usually remain in the dark. In order to determine the success or failure of any task we take on, the results for must be measurable.

Results measurability has always been a “gray” area in the world of SEO. A brand new and exciting product called Brightedge SEO Software will turn on the lights at the end of the SEO tunnel! This little wonder can pull raw data from all over the place and may put you on a reporting frenzy! Anything from page rankings, backlinks, keyword performance and ROI to name a few, all combined from the top search engines and many other sources.

Brightedge is an enterprise-class SEO solution that can not only measure results, but also recommend actual improvements and variations to your websites; boosting quality traffic and revenues in the process. Using Brightedge, online marketing gurus will finally be able to:

* Prioritize SEO projects based on forecasted ROI. Spend more time on what works and leave wasted efforts behind.
* Find new SEO opportunities to drive more traffic and ultimately: sales!
* Coordinate SEO strategies across the entire corporate structure.

Some of Brightedge’s key features include:

* Integrated business metrics
* Comprehensive SEO reports
* Competitive analysis
* Actionable recommendations
* Long tail strategies

The only bad thing I can say about this product is that it does not do the actual SEO work. I am still waiting for the magic “run SEO now” button that will execute all my SEO strategies. Until then, Brightedge will be your best friend in this tough but necessary job.

Brightedge uses patent-pending technology designed for scalability and performance. It is cloud based and can scale up to just about any size to accommodate your needs. High performance, scalable, yet polite crawlers will keep current tabs on all your websites in real time. Equipped with large scale analytics, it can quickly summarize data on millions or even billions of keywords, pages and backlinks. Rest assured that technology wise you are covered on speed, reliability and security.
With very little competition in the enterprise space, Brightedge is highly recommended for serious SEO activities. It was ingeniously conceived to fill an SEO need and creatively designed and developed. This software ranks 5 out of 5 stars in my book.


Derek Allen is an IT veteran with 24 years of business software development experience. SEO is actually very new to the field of IT, so trial and error is usually the only way. Derek has been working on SEO projects of all sizes since the dawn of search engines on the Internet. He is a full-time business systems consultant specializing in programming, integration and search engine optimization (SEO).

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