Review of Mangools Keyword Finder

In the ever-competitive world of SEO, finding the right keywords to target can make or break your online success. Mangools’ KW Finder is a pretty popular tool designed to simplify the keyword research process and help SEO professionals optimize their content effectively. In this review, we will delve into the ..Continue Reading

New SEO Tools and features

Lately we haven’t been posting too much here at, but we are back with a bunch of exclusive news from a few shows, that we’ve attended: 1. Local SEO Already a few months back, but Moz launched a local product to compete in the fast-growing SMB market. In a ..Continue Reading

Rankabove SEO Platform

RankAbove is an SEO platform with a proprietary indexing method that provides accurate measurements of a website’s SEO performance. Overview RankAbove is a platform for search engine optimization (SEO), and its versatile methods apply to Google but also every other relevant search engine. The first goal of RankAbove is to ..Continue Reading

New: Raven SEO Event Manager

A small, but interesting update fom Raven is the new Raven Event Manager Raven now allows you to mark certain traffic spikes with an event. Whether you launch and email marketing campaign or run some Infographics, this new feature is a great way to keep track of why spikes happened. ..Continue Reading

Raven’s New Site Editor For Onpage SEO

Already a few days old, but wanted to cover it here as well: Raven SEO Tools launched a new product called Site Auditor. The tool analyzes different site issues and finds errors in the site’s architecture. As with all the Onpage tools it is crucial to hace a certain crawl ..Continue Reading

Rank Ranger Review

RankRanger is one of those recently released online software programs that automates the process of finding real time data related to the sites of your competitors. Many owners of websites as well as those working in SEO make use of this software to check on their own performance as well ..Continue Reading


SEMRush just released two new great features, which make it even more valuable: A backlink tool (domain level backlinks) and even better..the Organic Top 200 report, which is a unique feature that no other tool currently offers. Once more SEMRUSH is leading the pack with innovation and speed:       ..Continue Reading

Seo Software Comparison Survey did an interesting  survey about the use of SEO software. Results are not too surpsing and certainly not extremly representative (only 420 people have been surveyed), but the picture would have probably been different if they would have added more SEO Tools to the survey. Seeing SEOMOZ or Majestic ..Continue Reading

Cognitive SEO – Brining Your Link Management To The Next Level

When it comes to link management….every SEO is going nuts. Some want to manage every single link and automatically fire emails as soon as their spider doesn’t find the link anymore, the other SEO has his own Excel file …and the next SEO just builds more links and doesn’t care ..Continue Reading

Cognitive SEO – Exclusive Screenshots

Still in beta, but already made quite some noise in the industry: . We’ve been trying to get our hands at a demo account, but everything is still in stealth mode. However, we managed to get some exclusive screenshots:                       ..Continue Reading