Linkbird SEO Software review

It’s always the same story. You think of turning a profit by creating a website for your company or by opening an online shop. Soon after you will realize that your efforts do not yield any results. Nobody visits your site because nobody knows it exists. There is a lot ..Continue Reading

Ahrefs Backlink Tracker

If you run a website, then chances are almost certain you’ve been concerned about the quantity of traffic to your site at some point or another. If you’ve kept track of the number of visitors to your site on any given day, you also know that the traffic comes in ..Continue Reading

Searchmetrics Backlink Data

After Yahoo Siteexplorers shutdown, several vendors keep pushing out new backlinks data products. Searchmetrics (our winner for best enterprise SEO software) announced their Backlinks Link Module. The following features are included: – Number of Backlinks – Ratio analysis of Image Links vs. Textlinks – Identification of IP addresses, TLD (Top ..Continue Reading


SEMRush just released two new great features, which make it even more valuable: A backlink tool (domain level backlinks) and even better..the Organic Top 200 report, which is a unique feature that no other tool currently offers. Once more SEMRUSH is leading the pack with innovation and speed:       ..Continue Reading

SEMRUSH Backlink Tool

So we just got the news that SEMRUSH is also getting into the Backlink data game. This comes quite to a surprise since SEMRUSH used to do only a little part of the SEO game, but they do it very very well and their user base of 230.000 users clearly ..Continue Reading