Brightedge Data Cube – What’s in it for you?

Brightedge just announced a new feature on SEL: The Brightedge Data Cube: While the video is really beautiful,  we are a little bit confused by the way Brightedge throws numbers out there. “Billions of content pieces”,  “100s of terrabytes”, “big data” and “6 years in the making” sound like a ..Continue Reading

What Brightedge might do with $42.8 million

While the SEO agency industry is always in turmoil, the SEO enterprise software industry keeps making big news. Brightedge, which belongs to  the exclusive top 3 SEO enterprise software vendors, has done a great job getting larger clients and agencies onboard. With securing a round of $42.8 million they are ..Continue Reading

Searchmetrics Updates Pricing And Releases API

Searchmetrics is certainly one of the best enterprise seo software solutions, but their pricing model was always confusing. It was never really clear how to differentiate the Searchmetrics Essentials product vs. the Searchmetrics Suite. Well..that is a problem of the past: Searchmetrics announced a new pricing model and a clear differentiator: ..Continue Reading

Brightedge Review

We’ve looked at Brightedge a while ago, but got back to it and saw some nice improvements and features, which we haven’t seen in other enterprise SEO software tools: 1. Customizable dashboard – Overall SEO health The dashboard of Brightedge is completely flexible and allows different reports  to business functions ..Continue Reading

Sistrix SEO Software Review

Sistrix SEO software can be used in many ways, but for our readers the SEO module is the most important part. The SEO module is designed to assist you in analyzing and choosing the right keywords for your online business as well as give you a nice overview about the ..Continue Reading

Conductor SEO Software Review

The Conductorâ„¢ SEO platform is one of those tools that is not really known in the space. The creators are super secret about what they are doing and who is actually allowed to have a look at it. Also the pricing scheme is something that is always hidden and not ..Continue Reading

Brightedge SEO Software Review

SEO projects are not only tedious, time consuming and require much patience, but all your efforts and time will usually remain in the dark. In order to determine the success or failure of any task we take on, the results for must be measurable. Results measurability has always been a ..Continue Reading

Searchmetrics Review

Searchmetrics Suite is designed to increase web traffic to the site and improve the ranking of the website in major search engines. High rankings in search engines improve visibility. Improved visibility generates more traffic to the website. Increased traffic translates to a greater opportunity for sales conversion. Sales conversions allow ..Continue Reading

Raven SEO Software Review

If you are seriously considering developing an online presence, you will soon realize that there is more to being successful than just creating a website or blog and hoping everyone will find your site. To be successful on the today, you need to initiate a serious marketing plan, which includes ..Continue Reading

WebCEO 7.7

Overview: A top all-in-one solution. Powerful features, clean interface. You should definitely try the free download. Five stars. Definitely worth a free download, Web CEO is a unified workspace for ten programs that help you promote your site in search engines, intelligently analyze your visitors, and easily maintain your online ..Continue Reading