Brightedge just announced a new feature on SEL: The Brightedge Data Cube:

While the video is really beautiful,  we are a little bit confused by the way Brightedge throws numbers out there. “Billions of content pieces”,  “100s of terrabytes”, “big data” and “6 years in the making” sound like a pretty strong value add, but  when it comes to showing samples it is not really clear what this means (we even stopped the video and saw for the data cube kicked back “Le Bron James” and a few other expected keywords).

Pulling out keywords at scale is something we’d rely on SEMRush, Wordtracker, Ubersuggest and a few other SEO products. The lifetime of (viral) content is getting shorter and shorter, so what is the magic, that is coming out of that box? Anyone? Brightedge folks?

We really hope that  Brightedge developed a valuable feature, which can help the SEO industry compete in the always changing SEO world.

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