Raven SEO – New Features

So it has been a bite quiet about Raven recently and we are not surprised that they plan to launch a new feature today or tomorrow at the Blueglass show. Rumors are going around that Raven will feature some more integrated Social tools, that could help marketers to take care ..Continue Reading

SERPmetrics – Ranking tracking tool

So we are not 100% sure what SERPmetrics is exactly about, but while we wait here for the Blueglass LA show to start, we stumbled on their site. So far we only know that SERPMetrics allows large scale ranking tracking with a full-blown API. Apparently the tool is already in ..Continue Reading

Onpage.org Coming Soon

So…not another tool you might think and we sometimes agree that the market is flooded with tools, that more or less are covering the same field. However, we’ve recently discovered that a new tool with unseen features is going to launch.  It’ll be called Onpage.org, which is built and marketed ..Continue Reading

Linkparser Review

Link Parser, developed by Seerobots, is a Firefox plugin used to evaluate links on a webpage. This add on can decrease the spam and spam comments often found on websites by checking “nofollow” when you download it. It keeps your computer safe from viruses and trojans. It is available as ..Continue Reading

Superclix Spider Robot Helps To Analyze Outbound Links in Seconds

We know that there are 200 free tools out there that can do pretty much everything that paid tools can do. However, most tools are not fast enough, which is why one of our favorite tools is SEMRUSH. One of another free tool that we discovered today is the Page ..Continue Reading