Link Parser, developed by Seerobots, is a Firefox plugin used to evaluate links on a webpage. This add on can decrease the spam and spam comments often found on websites by checking “nofollow” when you download it. It keeps your computer safe from viruses and trojans. It is available as a download with a 30 day free trial offer. Link Parser is a tool that highlights links in a variety of different colors. It counts your links and marks them after evaluation. It can be used on most Windows operating systems plus Linux and Max OS X systems.
This firefox add on differentiates between 9 types that include internal nofollow and dofollow, subdomain nofollow and dofollow, and external nofollow and dofollow types. Easy to set up, Link Parser either allows crawlers to block certain visitors to your site or not. You choose which are allowed for your website. Each type of link is evaluated separately and and then highlighted to make it easier for web page owners to spot links that may be a danger to their computer. The Link Parser can be customized to meet the needs of the user. It is available at Mozilla or Seerrobots websites.

The pros of using Link Parser include the safety involved in allowing certain links to be crawled by search engines. Another good aspect of using this add on is the ability to set it up the way you want. It is fully customizable. Seerobot offers many different designs and features to customize Link Parser the way you want it. You, the user, can now analyze each link on your web page and on each web page you visit. Because the Link Parser was tested thoroughly before it came on the market it is safe for your computer. It blocks all malware so there’s no need to worry when it is downloaded on your computer.

Along with the pros come the cons. It isn’t free, although there is a 30 day free trial so if you choose you can cancel it at any time. It still isn’t ready for Firefox 5 so Seerrobots still has a ways to go before meeting customers expectations because it is in the experimental stages.

We rate the Link Parser as a great add-on although it continues to need improvement. It is available on Firefox now so each user can customize it as they like.

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