Cognitive SEO – Exclusive Screenshots

Still in beta, but already made quite some noise in the industry: . We’ve been trying to get our hands at a demo account, but everything is still in stealth mode. However, we managed to get some exclusive screenshots:                       ..Continue Reading

Serpfox Review

Serpfox is designed to be a simple SEO ranking tool that lets you track your rankings in both Google and Bing. Serpfox provides tracking over as many domains and keywords as you would like, with a varied monthly pricing structure designed to accommodate different levels of tracking data. Serpfox updates ..Continue Reading

SEscout Rank Tracker Demo

We’ve jut posted a SEscout review here, but forgot to include the SEscout Rank tracker demo. Check it out in order to get a better picture about the tool:  

SEscout review

SEscout is a website rank searching tool that allows you to post your website and keyword, and it will track how well your website and how well the keyword is doing in the search engines. However, with a minimum price of about $15 a month (unless you are using the ..Continue Reading