SEscout is a website rank searching tool that allows you to post your website and keyword, and it will track how well your website and how well the keyword is doing in the search engines. However, with a minimum price of about $15 a month (unless you are using the free version), you shouldn’t waste your money before reading this review.









The Good

One refreshing aspect about SEscout is that it actually tracks the search engines, not just Google. You will also get search volume and keyword information about Bing as well, and you will also get Alexa information alongside your website.

Unlike similar tools, like Market Samurai, SEscout has a very user-friendly interface where you can just type in a keyword and your URL and you will instantly get results. It is very easy to use and even if you are new to search engine optimization, you will be able to easily read the metrics without any problems.

While the best features are left to paying customers, you can get a free membership that lets you try out the software before actually buying it. The free account only lets you list 10 keywords and domains, while the Elite package allows you to check 1,500 keywords and domains, but at the cost of $99.97 a month.




Instead of just listing all your domains and keywords in one large mess, you can organize your domains by group. So if you organize your domains by niche (like many Internet marketers do) this will make it much easier to check similar websites.

If you run an SEO consultancy firm, or if you look printing out records for yourself, SEscout has a report features that will show you how your domain has done in the past month or week, and it will offer you many metrics to go through when searching your SERPs.

The Bad
While the good list is expansive, the bad list is small but very poignant. Many people who have used SEscout report that the search values are not a solid line (Google probably returns sometimes results and an hour later not). Due to this, many serious Internet marketers find it difficult to use the data internally and sell it to their higher ups.

This lack of correct data makes SEscout hard to rely on, and while you may like the good features, they may not be enough to make up for poor data.

Rating and Review
SEscout has a full battery of impressive tools and features, and compared to many other SERPs programs, is very affordable. Not only that, but the interface looks great, and you can make a lot of reports and do a lot of things that other programs just can’t do. Like it’s competitors the hourly  tracking feature is interesting, but maybe not for everyone. Overall we recommend to buy the product.


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