Serpfox is designed to be a simple SEO ranking tool that lets you track your rankings in both Google and Bing. Serpfox provides tracking over as many domains and keywords as you would like, with a varied monthly pricing structure designed to accommodate different levels of tracking data. Serpfox updates its tracking data once every four hours and allows you to track your ranking data over different time intervals with simple graphs. You also have the option of grouping your data into different sections depending on the client or subsection you are working on. Serpfox also gives you the option of receiving email notification every time your websites have a significant change in rating.






The Good:





Serpfox currently has a simple no frills interface that makes entering new keywords and websites as easy as it could possibly be. While Serpfox is still a relatively new program, the simple focus on tracking rankings well without unwanted clutter is refreshingly simple when compared to other rank trackers in the industry. An uncluttered interface also makes sure that the resulting program runs quickly and without problems in almost every situation. Serpfox can track results up to 500 ranks deep within both Google and Bing, making it one of the best options out there for tracking keywords that are still struggling with lower rankings. The notification system also helps Serpfox stand out when compared to other SEO search tracking programs. The multiple pricing levels includes a free option for tracking up to 10 keywords, which can be a great choice for anyone looking to try Serpfox and get an idea of how well it works.






The Bad:

One of the biggest downsides to using Serpfox right now is simply how new this program still is. Unlike many of the older rank checking options that are available, there really aren’t many options or features adding value to the core of of what Serpfox does. Most users have reported accurate results and few problems with Serpfox’s rank tracking, but the current small number of users means there is still a chance that tracking issues could go unnoticed.

Review & Rating:

Serpfox stands out as an up and coming search engine tracking tool that can really help SEO experts streamline the tracking process without getting distracted by unnecessary features and poor quality results. With a simple and fast interface that makes entering new keywords straightforward and a notification system that makes using Serpfox relatively hassle free, Serpfox stands to improve the overall experience of getting search engine rank checked for multiple SEO projects. Consider trying Serpfox free for a small project to see how well current ratings stack up against competing programs for the best results, since the program is so new. Right now, Serpfox offers a welcome alternative to the currently popular SEO rank checking programs that offer spotty results and a clunky interface.

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