Searchmetrics Suite is designed to increase web traffic to the site and improve the ranking of the website in major search engines. High rankings in search engines improve visibility. Improved visibility generates more traffic to the website. Increased traffic translates to a greater opportunity for sales conversion. Sales conversions allow businesses to become more profitable and more successful. High rankings allow businesses to separate themselves from the competition. Searchmetrics Suite provides customers with reports to allow them to make decisions about the best methods for driving traffic to a website.


Searchmetrics Suite has a strong set of features that allow web developers to create sites that drive the maximum amount of traffic. The company has a strong track record of assisting customers in achieving a high number of sales conversions. Customers will find the features of Searchmetrics Suite make it easier to perform mundane tasks in the least amount of time. Customers can then focus on web design and other metrics to drive business to sites.

• Screens and filters web data to provide results
• Increases website visibility
• Analyzes the search engine strategy of competitors
• Easy to understand line, bar and scatter diagrams
• Intuitive software interface
• Access to Page Rank or Alexa Rank
• Access to social media websites an blog links
• Highlights Key Performance Indicators
• Monitors trends and provides at least 12 months of historical data
• Through Backlink provides information about IP address, relevance, link texts, geo location and other information

The Good

• Displays the top 10,000 keywords for the given topic
• Provides a domain audit and an in depth analysis
• Provides suggestions for website improvement
• Includes automated reports for decision making processes
• Includes a database of Business-to-Business keywords
• Guarantees customer satisfaction through excellent support tools
• Used by companies such as, T-Mobile Online, Experteer, Parship, Handelsblatt, MyHammer and StepStone
• Monitor SEO and SEM strategies executed through automated reports
• Creates a “Cost Benefits Analysis”
• Provides all of the components for sales conversion
• Access to current and archived data
• Monitors competitor data
• Provides email reports
• Allows clients to take control of their own website without the assistance of the IT department
• No complex integration necessary. Easy to install.
• No setup fees involved
• Right to terminate within the first 30 days
• Only pay for 11 months, if you sign up and complete 12 months
• Available in 3 different packages. The packages differ based upon the number of domains offered.

The Bad

• Searchmetrics requires a 6 month contract. Also basic solution is limited to 10 URLs.

The Review and Rating

Customers have good remarks about Searchmetrics Suite. There are really no negatives compared to similar software offered to individuals. Individuals help to increase traffic to a number of visitors at once. Searchmetrics Suite will allow customers to reach new audiences that possess a strong interest in the product. The software also protects copyrights. The software generates traffic while remaining cost effective. Searchmetrics Suite will allow your company to maintain its competitive position in the marketplace. In effect, this will improve the company’s brand recognition and image.

Overall, Searchmetrics gives customers the features that they are seeking. The product is affordable and user friendly. Most customers rank the product 3.5 out of 4.
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