The Conductorâ„¢ SEO platform is one of those tools that is not really known in the space. The creators are super secret about what they are doing and who is actually allowed to have a look at it. Also the pricing scheme is something that is always hidden and not really public (we totally understand that!). However, we finally got a demo through a contact of ours and we are split between the decision if it is really as good as their marketing is.

On the one side it is clear that it’s well designed and any CMO would love to buy into it. Obviously Conductor is copying the Omniture concept and trying to become “the” SEO enterprise solution in the space.  On the other side it is interesting to us what exactly Conductor is.

Data: Conductor pulls in data from SEOMOZ, Spyfu, Adwords and a bunch of other services. As far as we understood Conductor, unlike Searchmetrics and others, is not crawling the web and therefore relies on these third party services. Tracking however, a relative simple task, is done by Conductor.

A few good features we’ve noticed are the keyword seasonality tool and keywords pairing….which could be quite useful.  Also positive is the integration with Adobe’s Omniture, which could lead to getting a better picture about SEO ROI. The name “SEO cloud” however is quite a bit cheesy. Online marketers will fall for that, but the integration with Omniture AND Google Analytics is nothing new (again Searchmetrics is offering that).

Overall the software is far from being bad. It’s quite a good SEO tool for people, who like to have pretty interfaces and are not capable of utilizing different tools together. Enterprises will probably also enjoy the usability of this tool. We’ll be curious to see where this tool will be in a few years and hope that they are going to show this more publicly.

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