Anyone familiar with the standard of features that SEO programs tend to provide   will  find very little to shock them in the features that SEOMOZ SEO Tools provides. While there are a few noteworthy features, the majority consists of features found in the majority of SEO programs.

SEOMOZ SEO Tools can provide a comparison between the backlinks of your own site versus those of competitors’. Their so called “Competitive Link Research Tool” enables you to find sites that competitors’ are receiving links from that your website is not. The SEO Toolbar provides you with the ability to review metrics and use SEO Tools while surfing on the web. A refreshing change from many standard toolbars is that theirs is targeted specifically for the Firefox and Chrome browsers, as opposed to Internet Explorer.

The Historical Pagerank checker is one of the first areas where SEO Tools really shines. It can provide years worth of historical data on the Pagerank of thousands of websites.

Finally, the gold nugget of features provided by this program are the SEOmoz APIs. Through this, advanced users are able to create their own SEO tools from scratch, taking advantage of the Linkscape Index that Seomoz has developed. While only a limited number of users will use this feature, it is definitely the best thing about SEO Tools.

The Good Points:

SEO Tools may not provide its users with a plethora of never-before-seen tools for increasing the efficacy of their SEO, but it does provide a solid implementation of the core functions needed from any SEO program. In addition, the inclusion of the Historical Pagerank checker enables webmasters to analyze the Pagerank of many websites for as far back as 2007. This can be used to find trends that may be associated with increases in the pagerank of certain sites.

The Bad Points:

There’s nothing in SEO Tools that is a “must have”. The SEOmoz APIs, while definitely being one of the best aspects of the product, only finds use among advanced webmasters.

Overall Rating:

While SEO Tools is not necessarily something to throw up your arms in excitement about, it is a great implementation of the tools needed to increase traffic to your website. More advanced users are likely to love the ability to produce customized SEO programs that use Seomoz’s Linkscape Index. All in all, Seomoz SEO Tools deserves the title of Best Link Research tool.

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