We’ve looked at Brightedge a while ago, but got back to it and saw some nice improvements and features, which we haven’t seen in other enterprise SEO software tools:

1. Customizable dashboard – Overall SEO health

Brightedge dashboard

The dashboard of Brightedge is completely flexible and allows different reports  to business functions e.g. executive report vs. SEO analyst report.

Events tracking shows specific events, that have been implemented to a project. Competitor analysis and history data.

Another nice feature is dashoard scheduling in a report. This allows quick email reporting to clients or internal stakeholders.

2. Keywords tracking

The keyword tab also shows some powerful data: Page 1-3 Stacked report, average keyword rank, Keywords Rank page 1 & 2, Universal Search Results, Liks & Shares and Rank Report, Tweets and Rank report, Twitter Keyword Volume report,  +1 and Rank report.

What is also interesting is the keyword group reporting where you can track history of the group and compare for example this week vs. last week.  On top filtering is easily possible.

3. Backlinks tracking

It seems that the backlinks tracking is mostly powered by Majestic SEO and Google. Nothing specific to mention here.

4. Coverage Performance report

Total number of indexed pages, indexed pages compared to competitors (also over time and trended),

 5. Actionable Keyword Recommendations

Top 25 keywords to focus on, Social strategies, onpage strategies and offpage linking recommendations. Also great is the capability to assign these tasks to people within the system.

6. Actionable Page recommendations

This is a page manager, which helps where the onpage opportunities are. Again here the top 25 searches to focus on, which shows you pages, which have the best opportunity to gain traffic. Great feature is also the keyword prioritizer. This allows a user to prioritize the keywords to focus on. Again here the page manager allows to assign tasks to different stakeholders.

Also recommendations can be compared to the top 10 results in Google, meaning if your Title tag is off you can get some ideas from the top pages ranking for that term.

The linkbuilding recommendations looked also like a good idea, but not sure if it is worth the effort to use a tool, which bases BL on third party vendors.

Compare your social signals to top 10 ranks is also an amazing feature.

7. Social Signals recommendation engine

Comparing the likes on a specific page of your project vs. the median of the top 10 ranking pages seems to be a great idea and we really like the feature since it its something no other SEO platform has been focusing on.

What’s also great is that the user of Brightedge can assign social signals tasks to the social team of a company and then produce direct results.

8. The facebook fan page setup is also very slick and allows a full analysis of FB fan page stuff.

9. Tasks and Workflow

Personally I think this is the killer feature of Brightedge. It allows the user to assign tasks per keyword, group of keywords, per page or entire site. Collaboration is something no other enterprise solution takes care of. Especially not in a smart way.

Brightedge workflow

10. SEO performance manager

This part looked like SEMRUSH data of organic rankings per domain, but I haven’t verified it. Even if it is third party data  this is pretty interesting since this allows users to add keywords to their tracking and analysis it right in the system. Overall I prefer having a good tool integrating good data from other vendors than wasting time building everything in house (same for backlinks data!).

Top organic pages of competitors is another great idea, which is nice. This way you can piggyback on your competitors success by also going after their backlinks or just copying their onpage strategy.

11. The SEO X-ray competitive analysis pretty much gives you some visibility scoring for your domain. Definitely interesting approach, but hard to read in my case.

12. Keyword Discovery

I’ve been looking all of the keyword discovery tools and I am never happy abou tit. I think Brightedge has a good approach to it

13. Share of Voice report

First I thought that we are getting into social media monitoring and sentiment analysis, which is something most tools missed out over the years. However this is different: The Brighedge share of voice report takes the keyword groups and monitors them against competiton and tells the user, who took the lion share of search traffic. What’s also great it shows how the competitors pages drill down, the backlinks and the onpage differences to your own project



To summarize it I’ve got a completely different opinion about Brightedge than I had before. It’s a powerful tool with a lot of collaboration tools plugged in. Waht always bothered me with most tools is the fact that they are used solely for reporting purposes and less for actually getting the job done. With my first testing projects this has changed and I see their unique approach in the enterprise space very refreshing. I also give them the kudos for integrating third party vendords data rather than re-inventing the wheel in a bad way.




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