RankAbove is an SEO platform with a proprietary indexing method that provides accurate measurements of a website’s SEO performance.


RankAbove is a platform for search engine optimization (SEO), and its versatile methods apply to Google but also every other relevant search engine. The first goal of RankAbove is to measure how the website is performing in terms of these search engines. After identifying where the shortcomings are, the next objective is to improve that performance. The focus of this improvement is on keywords and keyword phrases, but the RankAbove system also takes into account other parameters that can have either a positive or a negative effect on SEO performance, such as metadata, backlinks and empty pages.

The Good

Most of the best SEO platforms are not user-friendly, and many of the platforms that seem user-friendly are rather ineffective upon close inspection. RankAbove is different and does a superb job of balancing the power and sophistication of the system with user-friendliness. The information provided, however, is not dumbed down; it is simply presented in a layered approach that makes it more readily digestible to the webmaster who is still new to advanced SEO. The platform is very customizable as well, and the advanced user can configure the tools and the data in whatever manner works best for them.

The Bad

We couldn’t even find much that is bad. Rankabove integrates with Adobe Sitecatalyst and Google Analytics, so not really anything to copmlaint about.

Review and Rating

4/5 Stars

RankAbove is a powerful system that requires some tweaking in order to maximize its benefits. The good news is that it uses a layered approach that is newbie-friendly, and it definitely is a platform that will grow with the webmaster as he or she gains experience and skills. The proprietary nature of RankAbove can be hindrance at times. Experienced webmaster will have certain expectations about usability that will not be met, but those can be overcome. Additionally, due to a lack of integration support, the use of RankAbove may cause the webmaster to have to make some hard choices.

Due to those drawbacks, we only gave RankAbove four stars. If those issues don’t affect you, however, then RankAbove is a five-star SEO platform. The basic kit lets you optimize 1,000 URLs, and it lets you track the performance of 250 keywords or key phrases. In addition, keyword research is included. Most platforms hang you out to dry in that regard, but RankAbove puts real effort into determining your optimal keywords and strategies. The system also provides you with in-depth competitive analysis, including on- and off-page reports. Furthermore, if your site is a start-up or non-profit, then RankAbove offers that basic package at a significantly reduced rate.

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