Lately we haven’t been posting too much here at, but we are back with a bunch of exclusive news from a few shows, that we’ve attended:

1. Local SEO

Already a few months back, but Moz launched a local product to compete in the fast-growing SMB market. In a previous post, we’ve suspected to see Moz move in the SEO enterprise market, but this didn’t  seem to really happen. Their tools a great, but a lot of folks don’t think that they are exceptional, meaning other tools couldn’t provide a certain task or data in a similar way. Moz local looks solid and will compete with Yext, Placable and a bunch of other local submission services, which we’ll cover soon.

2. Link removal tools

With Google’s outings of link networks and the massive amount of email warnings to webmasters  a completely new industry has been created.

We are not going to comment on the necessity of these emails, but it is obvious to us that Google wants webmasters to remove links at all costs. At a recent show we’ve attended some Google folks told us some numbers about the amount of reconsideration requests which are being in the 10000s per month! We’ve also spoke with a bunch of our SEO friends in the industry and it is also obvious that most larger websites got hit with a manual action whether they actively engaged in link building or not.,  Removeem, Linkresearchtools are the big players just focusing on that part. Also Sistrix SEO tool announced a Linkrating tool to help their clients to rank better.

3. International tools and features

We’ve seen more and more tools move into the onpage business: seems to be one of the strongest candidates to have a big impact on the industry, but also Botify, Deepcrawl and a bunch of others try their luck capturing market share. Lately we’ve also seen an enterprise tools roll out some amazing onpage features, which should help to understand the technical onpage side better.

Looking back at the past few months, we can say that the SEO tools industry stays innovative and agile in order to combat the constant changes, that the industry faces. More sophisticated tools means more specialists are needed to run them, but also an end of the small SEO shops.





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