RankRanger is one of those recently released online software programs that automates the process of finding real time data related to the sites of your competitors. Many owners of websites as well as those working in SEO make use of this software to check on their own performance as well as that of their competitors. This survey can be done over more than 300 search engines. What RankRanger does is track down the rankings of sites on different search engines, analyzes their use of keywords as well as their ranking. It also looks through inlinks, backlinks and more. RankRanger has just come out of the BETA phase of its development, however the stupendous amount of data that it has collected for those who have used it has significantly helped them improve their processes.

The plus points of RankRanger

There are quite a few advantages to RankRanger and the first one is that of the enormous amounts of data you can collect. As it searches through over 30 search engines, you will be able to analyze your own as well as your competitor’s rankings, the page rankings of their site, as well as the positioning of their backlinks, inlinks, etc. All of this will help you make your SEO efforts all the more effective. Additionally, this software will be able to pull together all the data you need from similar tools such as Google Analytics and bring it all in one place. It will even show you whether your ranking on a search engine is organic and how your pay per click ads are faring.
The software comes with an extremely friendly user interface. This means that it can take you little under a minute to set up. It is rather self-explanatory. You can easily navigate through the entire software with the help of the tabs as well as the columns and graphs that point out the way. Since the process is largely automated, you will have no issues in generating the info you need. You will also be able to get customized alerts in real-time and monthly reports in the form of PDFs.

With RankRanger, you will be able to organize results based on the campaigns that you are working on. You can have as many campaigns as you want in a single user account. There is the added advantage of having the ability to group all your campaigns in folders and use them how you need. You will also be able to organize the data the way you want, as there is no pre-determined setup.

Another advantage of RankRanger is that it is completely white label. Which means every SEO company that makes use of it will be able to put their own logo on the findings. This way you will not need to let out your trade secrets on how you got your own information and data.

The kind of results you get with RankRanger is quite versatile and there is a great deal of emphasis placed on keyword rankings. Since there are a number of ways in which ranking can be measured, the near perfect results that you get each time will help you monitor yours as well as other rankings and work towards improvement.

The Negatives

There are a few who feel that the RankRanger focuses entirely on the tracking of Keywords, PPC campaigns as well as all those elements that go into the basic structuring of a site. If a website owner is deep into analyzing data, then he will also want to look into other social media such as tweets or even YouTube stats and Facebook. While these features are available with some other sites, it is not with RankRanger.

Review and rating

RankRanger is the perfect tool for those who are just starting out in the world of SEO. The reports are easy to generate and equally easy to organize and track. What’s more is that you can label it with your own logo.

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