Not sure if anybody noticed, but it’s amazing to me how many companies started to get in the Free SEO Report game in the past few months.

Besides Thefreeseoreport, which looks like a basic E-book subscription model and is around for a while, now  Jeremy Shoemaker launched a product called FreeSEO

On the other side there are so-called  SEO Report Cards. No..not the one announced by Google last March , but from companies like  DIYSEO or These Report cards usually include a PDF report with up-to-date statistics about the website.

Last, we have the offers for free SEO Audits. More commonly used by the small and medium agencies to bait in new clients.

I am not sure if I really understand the trend of the “free SEO thingy”, but SEO arrived in the mainstream and as long as users get some value out of it, it is totally fine with me. Even if a free SEO report turns into a $10 or $20 subscription.

That being said, I am sure a lot of SEO’s will start whining over this trend.

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