is a leading provider of what is called Digital Marketing Intelligence. Since 2004, this company has been helping large businesses gain a competitive advantage over competitors. offers four main services: Link Insight, Display Insight, SEM Insight and Trademark Insight. Businesses that use one or all of these services will have a competitive edge over their competitors.

Businesses that take advantage of Link Insight will be able to build high-quality links while increasing traffic and publicity. Link Insight is not a search engine optimization tool, but a link analyzing tool that is used to improve the quality not the quantity of backlinks.

Another way businesses can gain a competitive advantage over competitors is by using Display Insight. This service allows companies to monitor competitors’ banner advertising campaigns as well as their own across 50,000 websites. This service allows businesses to determine which keywords are being used competitors.

The third service that provides is SEM Insight. Currently, over 3,000 marketers use SEM Insight to help businesses drive more traffic to websites by boosting impressions, click-through rates and increasing conversions. With SEM Insight, businesses can analyze competitors’ advertising campaigns and determine what is working for their competitors and what is not. SEM Insight works by analyzing top landing pages, tracking competitors’ keywords, ad copy, budgets and overall performance. also offers a service called Trademark Insight. This service allows businesses to monitor and protect their brand name by monitoring when and how the brand name is being used and by whom.

The Good

All of the services offered by help businesses uncover hidden information on competitors that is not readily available. Companies can use this data to build stronger advertising campaigns, protect their brands and ultimately gain more publicity, customers and increase profits. Without, businesses would have a hard time gaining a competitive advantage over their competitors. Digital Marketing Intelligence can truly make a difference for a large company.

The Bad

The services offered by were not developed for every business. Only select companies will benefit from the services offered by Companies that want to build or maintain thousands of backlinks will not be interested in Link Insight. This service is predominately limited to companies that want to build or maintain a limited a number of high-quality backlinks. In addition, does not offer search engine optimization tools or recommend that the services be used in that manner.

In addition to these limitations, not every business that applies to will qualify to use the services offered by In addition, it appears as though the majority of all the services are designed for large companies. However, does offer services to smaller companies.

Review is a solid company that has been in business since 2004. provides services to large well-known companies such as Target, SouthWest Airlines, ADP and many others. Clearly, is a solid provider of Digital Marketing Intelligence that well-established businesses rely upon each and every day.

The services offered by are the type of information and services that companies need to gain a competitive advantage on the competition. While appears to cater predominately to large businesses, smaller businesses can benefit from some of the service as well. Businesses that are interested in gaining a competitive advantage on the competition should take the time to learn what has to offer.

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