Nearly every website owner hopes to do better tomorrow than they do today: attract more visitors for a longer amount of time leading to a greater amount of money earned. Because of this, website statistics tracking has ballooned, with companies claiming that they track everything from what your visitor does on your site to where he walks his dog. is one of those sites – but unlike some of them, it offers a quality service.

Features offers a number of services, some unique to itself and some that you will find elsewhere. They include:

Keyword ranking on all the major search provides: on a basic plan, up to 10 keywords per domain for up to 10 domains; on a Pro plan, up to 1000 keywords per domain for up to 50 domains.
Keyword Suggestions: Get suggestions based on the domain tracking.
Daily Changes and Trends: Unlike some tracking service that only update rankings periodically, gives you the ability to track ranking daily
Competitive Data: Get similar ranking data for your competitor’s websites
API: build your apps that can take advantage of their organic ranking data.

The Good offers a wide and useful variety of services for anyone who manages a website. Their service is even better for those with multiple domains, because even the basic package will track up to ten domains at a time. Their services are optimized for tracking multiple website, offering grouping tools and comparative analysis. They even offer a no-credit-card-required 30-day free trial.

The Bad
When you visit the ‘FAQ’ section of their website, the first question you find is, “It’s kind of expensive, no?” They claim that their online service quality is better than any desktop-based program and that their data is more clear and usable. You will have to judge for yourself whether their services are worth the hit to your pocketbook. A basic plan costs $25 per month.

In the end, offers a quality service in a quality way. They don’t cheap out on data nor features, but simultaneously manage to avoid software and option bloat. Their features offered to anyone managing multiple domains more than makes up for the cost. If the perfect service existed, if would be similar to, but for free. Quality right now doesn’t come for free and their advanced keyword tracker is worth every cent.

Get a free trial starting here.

Updated: Oct. 23rd 2012

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