OVERVIEW: Click Tracks is a top quality log file analyzer that comes in a remarkably powerful free version. The more expensive versions, along with the hosted versions, can handle the most demanding analytical needs, at a price. Recommended. Five Stars.
“A beautiful interface that anyone can understand. The system only provides the information you need to make informed decisions about your website visitors. We recommend trying the free version.”

ClickTracks provides drill-down web analytics in a visual interface. It’s the program of choice for independent webmasters who want top quality, easy to read analytics, and who don’t want to share their data with Google. The simple but powerful interface will allow you to see exact visitor behaviour, helping to reveals WHY visitors do WHAT they do. A powerful ROI module allows you to determine Google, Overture and custom campaign ROI with ease.
The free “Appetizer” version has surprisingly advanced functionality, and higher levels of functionality are turned on one day each month to allow you to sample the more advanced features.
Hosted versions are also available at different prices.

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