The Internet BusinessPromoter software is designed to help anyone with a business website generate more traffic and gain higher rankings with the top search engines.

Achieve Top 10 Rankings for Specific Keywords

When your site is ranked in the top 10 search results on the most popular search engines, your site will experience a noticeable increase in traffic. iBusinessPromoter is designed to help you optimize your site so that it will appear in the top 10 consistently. The software also keeps track of changes in search engine requirements so that you will know immediately when you need to make an adjustment to your site so that it will maintain its ranking. Organic site rankings are far more powerful than the paid rankings that you can purchase from search engines because consumers trust that the organic rankings are more legitimate.

Targeted Traffic Increases Sales

Generating traffic through targeted keywords on search engines means that the people who click through to your site are already interested in the products you are selling. When someone enters a keyword into a search engine they are looking for something specific and have already expressed a need for the item. General advertising will draw customers who may or may not want to learn more about your products. Targeted search engine results guarantee that more of your site’s visitors will be likely to spend money on your site.

Follow Clear Instructions to Improve Your Site’s Optimization

The layout of the iBusinessPromoter software is very straightforward and easy to follow. Each screen gives you the information that you need to keep track of your site’s performance. There are also easy to follow instructions that tell you exactly what you need to do in order to improve or maintain your site’s rankings at the top search engines. Charts, graphs, links, and spreadsheets show you the statistics in several different ways so that you can understand them completely.

Choose the Keywords and Search Engines

One of the more unique features of iBusinessPromoter software is that it allows you to choose which search engines you want to focus your optimization for. If you would specifically like higher rankings at Google, Yahoo, or another high profile search engine this software will create targeted instructions for those specific search engines. Once you choose the keyword that you want to use and the search engine you want to optimize for, the software will help you climb the rankings for that search engine specifically.

Keep Track of Your Site’s Statistics

iBusinessPromoter also allows you to follow the progress you’re making as you continue to optimize your site. You can see which search engines are sending the most traffic to your site. You can also see which keywords are being used to get to your site the most often. With the detailed information that you get from iBusinessPromoter, you can continue to focus your site on driving the traffic that is the most effective for sales. You’ll quickly learn which keywords and marketing techniques are working as well as which ones are not as helpful.

Low Maintenance Way to Generate Traffic

Once you have finished using iBusinessPromoter to optimize your site during the initial setup phase, there is very little maintenance required to keep your site’s rankings. The simple tracking tools will keep you updated on what is working and what isn’t so that you can spend your time concentrating on effective optimization methods instead of guessing what will work. Achieving higher rankings from top search engines will drive traffic much more effectively than any other marketing strategy without you having to spend any extra marketing time or money. You will gain targeted customers through very little effort or expense, which will help to increase your profits and your web presence. iBusinessPromoter software is a tool that any serious online business should consider as a fundamental way to earn search engine rankings to drive more business to their website.

Quick note:
We’ve covered IBP9, the internet management software before. However we are now at version 11.7.4 and the tool has changed completely. Speical IBP 11+ free trial offer you’ll be able to find here.

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