Majestic SEO is a volunteer run link analysis program, and one of the leading efforts of its kind to build its own index of the World Wide Web independent of the major search engine companies. Majestic SEO is currently using this constantly growing index specifically for link analysis purposes, in order to counter the data hiding and ranking techniques of the major search engines, making that type of information more public.

At the time of this writing, Majestic SEO has an index of 52 billion web pages and 2.6 trillion URL to URL mapping relationships. The program has its own unique map of the Internet and maintains its own web crawler, called MJ12.

Users of Majestic SEO will find a wide variety of useful reports divided into eight sections. These sections are

Domain URLs
Ref Domains
Ref TLDs
Daily updates

Many of the reports mirror Google Webmaster Tools, but this is to be expected, as there is really no room for innovation when it comes to reporting the facts — only an opportunity to provide misleading or incomplete information. Fortunately, Majestic SEO covers all the basics such as TLDs, top linking domains,
anchor text, and IP addresses. However, Majestic SEO gives the webmaster the ability to apply filters to zero in on needed information, like the ability to filter out links from lower quality web sites.

Majestic SEO reports are available for a webmaster’s own web site for free, but users will need to pay if they want to peruse the link information for other sites. Currently, the price range is between US $15 and US $250, depending on the data that the web master needs.

Any user can tell that the programmers of Majestic SEO are and continue to cultivate a lot of love for their work, as the detail applied to the filters and sorters is top quality. However, the entirety of seeing all the data presented may overwhelm the average user. One may easily draw comparisons to the Microsoft Windows platform vs LINUX. The learning curve for the open source operating system is much higher, but for those who master it, it provides a much more stable and complete OS. Majestic SEO is the same way in that they are definitely accomplishing their goal of making link analysis completely transparent. As the user interface is made more friendly, this program will soon have no disadvantages.

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