Since 2012, the German SEO tool has been keeping with the motto “Full speed ahead!”. The Munich-based new enterprise represents professional quality management of websites. The web-based software focuses on the substantial analysis of important OnPage criteria and the long term optimization for search engines.


The best onpage SEO tool
The best onpage SEO tool











The substantial analysis software ZOOM! scours websites for error sources and optimization potentials. The crawling results are immediately being worked up for customers in an appealing and neatly arranged manner. Numerous video tutorials and useful tips help users with removing errors from the source code and assist with the use of the tool. That’s why ZOOM! is both suited for beginners and professionals in the field of Search Engine Optimization.


The functions of the tool range from Keyword Monitoring to analyzing the entire website and internal linking structure. The standard package already starts from $119.90 per month. With the on-going analysis of numerous websites, an upgrade to the Business Account at $499.90 per month including up to 10 web projects is advisable. Larger packages such as “Agency” or “Enterprise” are offered as well and can also be customized. More about the packages here.


Tool insights:


The tool’s dashboard provides the user with an overview of the status of his website and with that a command center which displays all results of the report at one glance. Like that, the webmaster can immediately tell where there’s need for action. The results are divided into different levels of difficulty and the respective level is matched with an overall score. With only one click on the report, users can start optimizing right away.


The dashboard in ZOOM!


In the tool’s well structured main navigation, reports regarding headlines, status codes, the META tag’s pixel length, use of Sitemap.xml, text uniqueness, ALT attributes, canonical tags and many more can be found. Divided into categories, the navigation provides an overview of the reports and improves the usability.


With the help of easy-to-read graphics and diagrams, users can always keep an eye on the status of the on-going optimization process. The convenient filter functions are another crucial part of the tool.


In addition to these reports, ZOOM! also features numerous tools that assist webmasters with the optimization of their websites:



The TF*IDF report helps webmasters to identify relevant terms and items for the website that could play a prominent role for its ranking. The Tool works out the a Term’s Frequency within a document as compared to all other terms (TF). In doing so, all webdocuments listed among the top 10 serve as a basis. The TF*IDF text assistant analyzes already existing texts and suggests the use of certain keywords. The text assistant also determines the term frequency within new texts and suggests terms that are still missing or whether there are too many.



With Mentions, has created a tool for brand monitoring. Like that, it can be monitored in real time where and when the own brand is mentioned and can respond directly to it. Mentions covers all common Social Media channels such as Twitter, Facebook or GooglePlus and is ideally suited for Public Relation departments.



With Focus, the latest feature of, users can analyze metrics and settings of single URLs in real time. Like a digital assistant, Focus lists all optimization potentials in the following sections: SEO, Mobile, Social, App and Markup Stats. From this well-structured listing of error sources, a comprehensive ToDo list can be easily deduced as it is arranged according to relevancy. Like that, optimization workflows can be improved.


Focus not only analyzes the website’s indexability but also the Meta Tags, the most important keywords of a site based on a quick TF*IDF check, H-Tags, link targets, viewport, social links and many more.



With, SEOs can simplify and speed up their daily workload significantly. At the touch of a button, the tool provides its users with all the error sources. Due to the tool’s ease of use and appealing user interface, it is also eminently suitable for webmasters of single websites. With the manifold support options and tutorials, users can furthermore improve their OnPage SEO knowledge and consequently also improve their website’s ranking.


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