Onpage.org opens beta (and closes it again)

  • Sumo

Onpage.org just officially went into an open beta with 100 accounts, but had to close doors quickly again. Reason being: They simply ran out of accounts, which is not very surprising since Mediadonis and his team are behind this game changing software!

We’ve been testing the beta software since day 1 and are impressed with the way the system works. Mostly because the approach of Onpage.org is just unique, unlike most other software products.

But before you sign up: Onpage.org is currently only available in German, but there it will be available in English and other languages in the near future.

Below a few features, that we’ll cover  in details in the next Onpage post:

  • Full-blown onsite SEO analysis
  • Monitoring of top keywords
  • Expert advice on how to fix errors
  • API to Google Webmaster tools
  • Optimization tips build around tasks
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Robots.txt check
  • Onpage analysis based on segments
  • Error export functionality

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