Raven, the currently most successful SEO Software in the USA is apparently working on integrating the Google Webmastertools API into their profesionell SEO software. This should be the first attempt of a SEO software company to integrate the official Google webmaster tool.

Overall an interesting experiment since a lot of SEOs avoid Google webmaster tools. G! Webmastertools are just a little version of a “spider” within the site and every SEO implementing it, is also opening up his entire data to Google.

Google is obviously super interested in distribution Webmastertools to as many webmasters as possible. It gives them a much better shot at what your site is up to. So if you are are 100% whitehat and monitor your links 24×7..it’s probably worth it to look into the Raven integration. If you have bad old links or engage in unnatural link schemes or you don’t monitor your backlinks 24×7  than you are probably better off staying away.

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