SEO (search engine optimization) has become a major part of internet marketing over the past several years and it involves a lot of dirty work to essentially hurl a website to the beginning of the search results for specific keywords or key phrases. To lessen the responsibilities of manual SEO, a lot of services and tools designed to make it more efficient have surfaced on the market in an effort to profit from the growing interest in SEO. One particular service, Scrapebox, has been receiving a lot of acknowledgment lately because of its vast amount of power and features. However, what is Scrapebox? How does it make the common tasks of SEO more manageable and efficient?


ScrapeBox offers loads of features to quickly and competently build backlinks for your website. Scrapebox does everything from gathering lists of links that are related to your particular niche (used for product research, checking up on competition, and keeping track of potential blogs/forums to auto post in) to auto posting blog comments so that you can gain backlinks. In addition, the service offers other features such as verifying page ranks of subpages and domains, placing automated comments on your own website to attract visitors, executing RSS submissions, pinging, etc. This program is really quite powerful.

The Good

A great part of this program is the fact that it has the outstanding properties in both the blackhat and whitehat methods. In simplest terms, your site will be collectively highly-ranked throughout the major search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Ask, etc.). This definitely gives you an advantage over the competition.

The Bad

The program goes for $97, so it’s definitely designed for the serious internet marketer. However the target group of this tool should have the $97 laying around. There is also quite a steep learning curve involved, and beginners might have to read up a little bit on different concepts before finding relevant use from the program. The biggest factor is probably the problematic of blackhat seo software. It’s just not well received by the search engines.

Review and Rating

Overall, Scrapebox is a very powerful program for organizing lists and keeping track of product research and sites and domains, and it’s also a very powerful auto poster. Even though the program is quite versatile, it’s not recommended for the amateur internet marketer, who is trying to build a long-standing site. Blackhat SEOs however will probably like thie tool.

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