The SECockpit tool assists Internet marketers in determining the best keywords for their marketing campaigns. Once a campaign is defined, the tool enables the user to completely manage the effort through the online application.

I. Overview is a product created and managed by a company named The tool is offered for a monthly subscription price of $97 or six months for $397. provides users with the opportunity to analyze keywords for SEO purposes. What used to take hours to do may now be accomplished in 30 seconds, as advertised on’s home page.

With the keyword analysis feature, the SECockpit tool also provides up to 800 keyword synonym results along with keyword results. The SEO tool utilizes Google AdWords, Google searches and Google Suggest as data sources. The makers of SECockpit are so sure that you will love the product, they offer a money-back guarantee. If you don’t love the service, they will return 100% of your payment within 30 days.

II. The Good

The SECockpit tool is easy to use and packed with useful features. One of the best features of is that no software is required. Users can analyze and manage their SEO campaigns entirely through one of the major web browsers. The tool is graphical and easy to understand.

SECockpit helps Internet marketers determine the most effective keywords for their marketing campaigns. Once keywords are indicated, the tool assists marketers in tracking their marketing campaigns that use the identified keywords. automates an otherwise labor intensive and often inaccurate analyses of keyword marketing campaigns. offers training for users to learn the tool. Webinars and training is available for using the site to its full potential. Users do not need to be overly familiar with web coding, but should have a cursory understanding of SEO practices to utilize The visual tool displays tracking results in graphic format which is easy to understand.

III. The Bad is fairly expensive and, unless you take the time to learn how to use the product, you will most likely not reap the full benefits from the tool. In addition, certain SECockpit software components must be integrated into your websites to enable the full functionality of the tool. For those that are not technically savvy, this task may be a bit difficult.

IV. Review and Rating

The tool l is useful and worth the cost for those who design and track keyword campaigns. As long as you have an understanding of the basics of SEO keyword campaigns, takes much of the legwork out of managing campaigns. also helps marketers identify keywords and keyword phrases that will help them get results.

Other reviews of seem to express a consensus that the tool helps marketers to identify keywords that are profitable and useful. As keywords are the foundation of any successful SEO marketing campaign, many marketers find the tool valuable. Add the user friendly interface and most reviews rate the tool as extremely useful and worth every dime.

The tool is easy and effortless. Users who have reviewed and rate the tool tend to give the online application high marks for its user friendly interface and effective keyword researching features. Compared to other SEO campaign management tools, is highly rated for its ease of use. provides a framework for development and tracking of effective keyword campaigns. SECockpit.con is highly rated for its campaign tracking features, too. Efficacy of keywords is displayed in a graph and many keywords may be analyzed at a single glance.

The most highly rated feature of the tool is its ease of use. Those who work with keyword campaigns all day long really appreciate the easy to use and understand interface. Though the tool is a bit on the pricey side, many who reviewed the application believe that is worth every cent. Since it’s 30 days moneyback guarantee, feel free to test here.

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