SEMRush is a software program that ranks keywords on the internet by automatically researching them. The program is used for companies desiring to build a website that will appear in higher ranks among search engines, thus bringing higher volumes of traffic to their website. SEMRush is a useful SEO business tool, providing an efficient way to research competition and adjust one’s website to meet optimization standards above those of competitors.


Every month SEMRush searches for 40,000,000 of the highest-ranked keywords used, searching at least 20,000,000 domain names. After gathering the data, SEMRush provides a detailed and helpful report to guide users in the right direction toward optimization of their web data. Based on recent data history, companies may then adjust content to fit higher standards for visibility and web traffic.

The Good

SEMRush searches through countless domains and words; it is also searches words and websites of many other languages, making the data the most extensive collection possible. Not only does SEMRush help the user identify the keywords used in their content the most, but it also gives reports of those words’ popularity and where the website would rank. The program is reported as being very reliable and efficient. Considering that gathering such information, reports and analyzing the information would be very costly and time consuming; SEMRush omits the time and cost. SEMRush offers a free trial and regular purchase price less than $60.00.





The Bad

One of the disadvantages noted from SEMRush users is that the data is up to 4 weeks old. Personally we haven’t noticed any issues with that, but a once a month updated database is for some clients not enough. Otherwise we haven’t seen or noticed any negative statements about the tool

The Review and Rating

Considering both the pros and cons of SEMRush, it does seem to be a very good investment. Considering the fact that gathering data without an automated software would be costly and time consuming, paying under $60.00 for a program that does all of those things automatically is really a good offer. Ratings have ranged between 3-5 consistently on a five-star scale by many users. Another factor to consider is that the use of consultants for SEM and SEO purposes are very pricey; purchasing this program will save a company the process of hiring a professional to enhance their web content. Test out a free trial here.

Post updated: 15/11

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