Everybody knows that SEO (search engine optimization) is quite powerful but entails boring and tedious work just to essentially toss a website to the very beginning of the search results. SEO does indeed help generate a significant amount of revenue, but there really is a great deal of work involved, especially if all of that work is being taken care of by one person. A program that has been receiving a lot of recognition is called SEnuke, and it claims to take care of the laborious tasks that define true SEO. Additionally, to prove themselves, the creators are offering a free 7 day trial to any skeptics. What’s this service all about, however? Is it worth the investment of time?


So, the SEnuke service can cover a plethora of normal SEO tasks, but what does this mean? SEnuke claims to minimize efforts by completing a number of tasks such as instantly turning out countless hubs, articles, lenses, blogs, etc. all with unique content, supplying the user with 60-80 “high PR” (high page rank) backlinks from reputable websites, creating lots of article variations from one article with one click, using a thesaurus to create loads of unique spinning articles, etc. Also, SEnuke allows the user to read each spinning article to check for individuality, get submissions indexed in as little as 10 minutes, review word count and density effortlessly, etc. This service truly covers a lot that other SEO utilities do not.

The Good

One of the greatest parts of this service is that is updated quite frequently. Most of the time, it’s common that most services bottom out pretty soon after launching, but with this one, you can expect to see updated features and content as the service grows. Another nice perk included with this service is the free 7 day trial. There are no restrictions included with the trial either, so you can use it as if you already bought it.

The Bad

However, this program is probably not the best choice for beginners. This program delves into SEO at an rapid rate, and the user is almost automatically expected to be very familiar with the concepts and terminology of online marketing. This program is also priced at a pretty steep price. Once the 7 day free trial expires, users can expect to fork over $97 a month for the service. Once again, this service really isn’t recommendable for beginners.

Review & Rating

Overall, SEnuke is a great service for the intermediate internet marketer or even the experienced internet marketer. There are loads of tools and features included that have never been seen in any other SEO tool, and for the price, it’s certainly a great value. It’s a tool that has endless potential, and anyone that is serious about SEO can expect good things out of it.

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