The lifeblood of every site is traffic; a site without traffic isn’t seen, has no reach and is of no benefit to the owner. Attracting and being visible to traffic can be a very complicated process; there is a great deal of data that serves to determine the placement of a site within the search engine results.

Navigating the waters of SEO can be so difficult that many individuals hire this process out because they feel like the experts know the magic formula that translates to page views and good rankings. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with outsourcing tasks there are also no real secrets to attracting and keeping traffic. It all comes down to data; knowing the data to look for and how to manage it.

SEO Diver promises to deliver all the relevant information a webmaster needs in a concise, easy to navigate interface.

The Pros of SEO Diver:
Instead of mere speculation and projections, SEO Diver uses actual user data; calculations made with real user data may lead to more accurate, realistic results. The data pool SEO Diver draws from is expansive with over 30 million domains indexed and over 200 million unique keywords in the database. These pools are updated and grow every day. The Competitor Analysis and Backlink Checker are comprehensive and the interface is easy to navigate and intuitive to use; having loads of data without actually being able to effectively browse it would be useless. Backlink Verification tool allows users to confirm existing backlink data for individual domains and the Backlinks Trust Points tool is unique to SEO Diver, as is BackFront. BackFront analyzes backlinks to determine any unnatural patterns which is extremely important for the future of a website’s standing with search engines as they are growing more and more intolerant of sites trying to boost their ratings. Keyword data from SEO Diver is not affiliated with any web based API, which is a huge perk and gives a webmaster using SEO Diver a leg up on their competition. The interface is quite slick and the tools all work well.

The Cons of SEO Diver:

The monthly price of the program is probably the biggest con; the cost is prohibitive for many casual to intermediate webmasters. Another con is the fact that all of the tools are so bundled together; not every webmaster will need all of the tools all the time. This might not be a con for someone who is looking for an all around, end all solution for every SEO need but breaking SEO Diver into individual package tiers might have been a better idea. Not all of the tools SEO Diver offers are unique; many of the tools are copycats of other utilities which may be purchased separately elsewhere.

The Bottom Line:
SEO Diver is an attractive option for those looking for a complete SEO solution and have ample money to spend; for the casual user, SEO Diver may be overkill for their specific needs. For professional applications SEO Diver is a good integrated solution that may be cheaper than hiring a dedicated SEO expert.

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