is Aaron Wall’s website, a package of SEO tools and his book discussing the methods of website optimization with the goal of achieving a high search engine ranking and thereby attracting more visitors to your site.

Aaron Wall created the first SEO Book in 2003 and has continued to keep it current over the years. He provides quality information and has quite a large following. Being an e-book, it is constantly being updated. Many books and websites gloss over these subjects but SEO Book and provides on and off page search optimization to help you make your website a success. The end of each chapter has a quick reference section. Pay-per-click is covered as well.

The book starts at the beginning with finding good hosting and moves on to site building and copywriting. He covers in great detail the importance of how to write good copy for the internet as opposed to newspapers and magazines. The dos and don’ts of getting your site listed in the major search engines are described.

Keyword optimization, onsite optimization, linkbuilding….are all a complicated subject which Wall walks his users through. Never shy of personally answering questions. He also offers various valuable free tools.
Aaron provides all forms of optimization methods you will need to know in order to succeed. All this information must be tracked to verify results of your efforts and this is covered.

You may be able to find the information in this book on the internet but it would take years. Aaron Wall is the go to man for SEO and lays it all out in his book. The book is not too cheap($79.) however the information you receive is priceless and will save you tons of money.

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