SoloSEO is an online SEO (search engine optimization) project management utility created by Aaron R. Stewart and Michael D. Jensen. The project aims to help both beginner and professional users to manage their SEO campaigns by offering two services.


SoloSEO certainly sounds like a great help, but what does this tool have to offer? For $29 a month, the possibilities are quite broad. You can do anything from managing your keywords all in one place to comparing your sites’ stats up against the competition’s. The utility handles loads of things such as suggesting keywords, tracking backlinks, creating optimized pages, managing link building, analyzing the strength and quality of sites, generating comprehensive reports, monitoring active and inactive links, and so much more. The list literally goes on and on with this great SEO tool.

The Good

Not only does this utility come with a handful of great features, there is also a Tutorial feature included for SEO newbies. This feature includes things such as explanations and links for standard SEO tasks, Learning Areas, resources to help further instruct on the topic of SEO, etc. SoloSEO also allows management of up to 5 websites for $29, and adding on further websites costs $4 more a month. The creators even offer a free trial so that you can check the tool out risk-free. You’ll also find that other SEO tools focus only tend to focus on a few things while SoloSEO virtually covers the whole spectrum.

The Bad

As with everything that has pros, there are also cons. The main gripe seems to be the customer service. Don’t expect to call an 800 number and receive instant assistance with an issue you may have with SoloSEO because the only form of support that Stewart and Jensen offer is through the website’s tutorial and FAQ pages as well as email.

Review & Rating

Overall, SoloSEO is great for anybody wanting to get down and dirty with SEO and maximize their profits and/or traffic from their websites. The utility offers a vast range of features that are significantly helpful to websites that are in dire need of optimization. Best of all, it’s affordable!

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