Because of growth in the search engine optimization industry (SEO), a host of tools has appeared to aid website owners and administrators. One important use of these programs is creating a well-defined and error free website structure. This is an essential part of improving website rankings.

The German based provides just such an application, giving users an in-depth overview of a website’s link hierarchy. It uses web-crawling software to generate useful information about a domain. Broken links, a factor that can devastate SEO efforts, are identified for correction. Other page errors and network problems can be traced as well. Equally important, it measures the load times for each page. also shows users the most important pages on a website, allowing the administrator to focus SEO efforts and link building on those pages.

Advantages of Using

Users of have had an overwhelmingly positive reaction to the software. It is cleanly designed and quickly generates metrics and reports.

Not necessarily designed to use on only one domain, even the most basic edition of the web application allows an infinite number of domains and an infinite number of scans, one website at a time. It is only limited by the number of pages within a single domain it can scan. offers a competitive pricing structure that rivals similar services. They also offer 20% discounts for paying for a year in advances. Customers are able to make this payment with either wire transfer or PayPal. While many of their clients are German, offers their services to any international customers and the use of PayPal allows them to accept almost any form of payment.

Disadvantages of

While the service offers a very in-depth look at a website’s link structure, it fails to take into account external links. Because search engines will identify any broken external links and use them to lower page rank, it is disappointing these links are not considered.

Moreover, the service is only able to store five reports at one time. Administrators may want to compare how changes in their paging methods have affected their website over time, but they will be unable to do so because of this limitation.

In spite of these negatives, does a good job of fulfilling its purpose. However, they are directly competing with Google Analytics and other free online services. Many of the free crawlers available online can also serve the same purpose, if not alone than certainly in tandem. This includes every service from broken link detection to reports on page load times. Review

The German website provides an important service for SEO professionals. It quickly compiles very informative reports on the structure, load times and errors of a website. However, it may have trouble competing with other websites that do not charge for web crawling. Newer website designers and administrators may find the service very useful, but it is likely that more savvy developers will be able to gather the same information without the need of a paid service.

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