Many people find keeping up with even one blog to be a challenge, but managing multiple WordPress blogs can be time-consuming and difficult. Taking care of a WordPress blog involves more than just updating material; security, themes, updates, and other such technical aspects of blog care also must be addressed.

Fortunately, offers an easy and affordable WordPress blog-managing service that helps bloggers maintain upgrades, plugins, themes, and updates with the push of a few buttons. Those who keep multiple personal and business blogs—or who are responsible for taking care of different people’s WordPress blogs—should consider taking advantage of this simple and easy solution that is structurally based off of WordPress itself. Since the interface is based on WordPress, those who are already familiar with the inner workings of this blogging platform will already know a lot about navigating and utilizing ManageWP.

One great feature of ManageWP is that it allows users to log into all of their WordPress blogs at once. ManageWP users will no longer have to try to remember and employ all of their passwords in order to access their blogs. Upgrades are also uniform, meaning that ManageWP customers will not have to individually upgrade each blog. This service also allows its users to post material on multiple blogs from one location and to moderate the comments section of all blogs from the same location. ManageWP also monitors the SEO fitness of all blogs, evaluating the blogger’s search engine effectiveness. With this service, bloggers will be able to determine whether or not each of their blogs contains the right words that will allow the entries to appear in search results.

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Launching a new WordPress blog is also incredibly easy because ManageWP’s dashboard allows users to clone the formatting and themes of existing sites in an instant. Across the board, the characteristic of ManageWP that most customers value the most is its streamlined nature that eliminates those wasted minutes and hours spent changing and updating each blog.
Few people have written anything bad about ManageWP, and many of their concerns are relatively minor and unproven. Some people worry about security, but ManageWP secures all of their clients’ information by way of a 128 bit encrypted plugin installed on the individual blog sites. Some say that the price is too steep, while others say that the price is comparatively low. As with all subjects of price, only the buyer can decide what services are worth what price. Some say that ManageWP has too many features that the customer may not use; once again, that decision must be up to the customer. A few people have criticized the feature that allows users to update all of their blog themes at once since many users have different themes for each blog, but this is another relatively minor complaint. Besides, potential customers can take advantage of ManageWP’s free demo and decide some of these potential problems themselves.

Most reviewers give ManageWP four or five stars, citing its ease of use and relatively low cost. Those who have reviewed this service also like the dashboard that allows them to manage all of their WordPress blogs’ plugins, updates, upgrades, themes, etc. from one place. Customers can also manage complete blog backups using such popular backup services as DropBox, FTP, Amazon, and email. Price is dictated by the number of blogs a person will be managing with the service; customers like the option of buying multiple years of service at a discounted price. Another positive feature is the demo page on the ManageWP website, which allows users to try their service for free. Potential customers who want the full ManageWP experience can run up to a maximum of five personal and non profit blogs for free. WordPress bloggers and blog runners should consider using ManageWP because it is easy to use and averages between a four and five star rating.

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