Building links is one of the most important steps required in getting your website ranked on search engines. But another fact that’s equally as important is choosing the right keyword. After all, it won’t do you any good to rank a website for a keyword that no one searches for. On the contrary, if you choose a keyword that is too competitive, you might find it impossible to get your site ranked over all of the high dollar companies. The key is to find the middle ground. And that’s where having a good link building tool can help.

Not only does WordTracker find help build links, it helps you find the perfect keyword to begin with. This awesome link building tool is well worth its price and will make ranking your page very easy. And that will lead to more traffic. But most importantly, you will achieve high quality back links to your site for less time. Isn’t that a huge advantage? Here are some of the advantages of using WordTracker Link Builder.

Getting Started on the Right Track

WordTracker has a free tool that you can use to actually project traffic to your website based on a specific keyword. Therefore, you will start your site out on the right track by optimizing it for the right keywords. Getting started off with the right keyword is the single most important thing you can do to get traffic to your website.
Get Quality Back Links

All links are not created equal in the world of internet marketing. In other words, only high quality back links will improve your site’s search engine ranking. Getting just a single link from a highly reputable website means more to your rankings than getting dozens of links from low ranked websites. Separating the lower tier websites from the best is often a very time consuming task and one of the greatest challenges in the SEO world. What does that mean? Honestly, it means that finding high quality back links is next to impossible without a tool to help.

WordTracker’s Link Building tool will not only help you find these high quality links, but will let you build a campaign around them. Remember, just one high quality link is worth dozens (if not hundreds) of low quality ones. WordTracker will actually help you find dozens of high quality links. That means your site will rank higher and faster while you do less work.
Keep Track of your Competition

Finally, WordTracker’s Link Building tool will let you keep tabs on your competition. You can easily see lists of competing websites marketing for the same (or similar) keywords. Keeping track of your competition is one of the basic fundamentals of running a successful business. This feature alone is probably worth the price of becoming a member.
Overall Rating

Since Wordtracker offers so many tools for a low cost, its overall rating would have to be very high. Link building, keyword optimization, and competitor tools are all things that every webmaster needs and are the fundamentals of monetizing a website.

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