ZoomrankZoomRank is a sophisticated Web-based tool that allows users to monitor their online presence automatically in both organic rankings and local metrics.


A significant challenge in nurturing an online presence is reacting to changes in a timely manner. In the past, changes could go unnoticed for a substantial length of time. Enter solutions like ZoomRank, which give you the power to monitor changes automatically and in real time. Automation is an important conceit in SEO analytics and means that the system will push notifications to the user.

ZoomRank is an entirely virtualized solution. There is never any software to download, and any configuration changes are available to the user regardless of where they log in from. Users can receive notifications to their smartphone or similar device, and they have access to the system from anywhere where there is Internet connectivity, which is particularly powerful for small firms.

The Good

ZoomRank allows the user granular control of the keywords and phrases that the system monitors based on. The system provides automatic daily rankings with an emphasis on Google, Bing and Yahoo. It also provides reliable, accurate rankings for Google Organic, local SERP, local metrics and so forth. The system also features a powerful and highly configurable analytics dashboard.

ZoomRank also provides you with an integrated view of the data, which is an illuminating way to visualize the synergy between seemingly disparate components of SEO. There is, for instance, an emerging correlation between Google Places rank and organic/SERP, and the ZoomRank system can visually demonstrate how the Google Places position is affecting those other aspects.

The Bad

The overall benefit ZoomRank has for a particular Web presence is tied directly to the keywords keyed on. ZoomRank does not integrate a mechanism for determining what those items are. It would be nice to import keywords from other tool. Otherwise nothing really bad about the tool.

Review and Rating

ZoomRank is a powerful and versatile SEO analytics and monitoring tool. It is not, however, hands-off, and it does require a certain level of expertise to get the most out of. For the novice webmaster getting their feet wet in the SEO pool, ZoomRank will likely fall short unless paired with another tool or service that can identify the terms that the website should key on. For intermediate and advanced users, ZoomRank is a powerful and perhaps even necessary tool that stands apart in a crowded segment due to its direct, no-nonsense approach and the granular level of control it provides: 4 out 5 stars.

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