So Raven’s SEO software once more got a nice update with some features that we’ve been looking for. One feature especially is very interesting to us:

SERP Rank Editing:

Rank Editing

SERP rank editing allows anyone to change the report to a position that they want. It always has been a pain when holes in the graph or list appear, but the ranking is still there driving traffic.
It’s literally impossible for anyone to accurately track results, especially if geolocation, universal search,  personalization and asynchronous data (from different data centers) influence the ranking.

Even that it is a small change of how Raven does things, this once more shows that Raven understands the needs of agencies and is more  of an SEO workflow management tool, than just a data provider for clients.

As written in our review we highly recommend the software to agencies, b/c the Raven team is constantly not only adding new features, but also fixing stuff that is super important for the day to day work of an SEO.





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