Raven SEO Tools is one of these SEO Software products that constantly improve and work on integrating products such as SEMRUSH, Textbroker and so on.  The people over there are really some of the smartest minds, who really love what they are doing (you can tell b/c they are not the ones trying to pull investors in and just do THEIR thing).

Anyways…the Raven SEO platform is now less cluttered and just easier to use.  Different tools have been grouped together for easier usage:

  • Site:
  • “Site” refers to overall Internet marketing campaign tools for any Website you’re working with. The Keyword Manager, Competitor Manager, Event Manager, Tag Manager and all Website settings moved here.

  • SEO: “SEO” refers to any tools you use for SEO management. The Link Manager, Contact Manager, Site Finder, Backlink Explorer and Website Directory tools moved here.
  • Metrics: “Metrics” refers to analytics tools for any type of Internet marketing campaign. Google Analytics, SERP Tracker (Rankings) and Email analytics tools moved here.

Here the Raven Review & new screenshot:

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